France 18th century "Caught lovers"

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France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 1 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 2 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 3 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 4 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 5 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 6 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 7 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 1 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 2 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 3 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 4 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 5 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 6 aus 7
France 18th century "Caught lovers" - Bild 7 aus 7
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Wien, Österreich
France 18th century "Caught lovers"Caught lovers , oil on canvas, 92 x 82 cm
France 18th century "Caught lovers"Caught lovers , oil on canvas, 92 x 82 cm

Nachlass Dr. Khorassany | Estate Sale Dr. Khorassany

Ort der Versteigerung
Dorotheergasse 12

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§ 15) A registration for a bid by telephone for one or several items shall automatically represent a bid at the starting price for these items. If AMADEUS cannot reach the bidder by telephone, AMADEUS will bid on behalf of the bidder by phone up to the starting price when the respective auction lot is called.

§ 16) In case of individual lots, it may happen that they were consigned more than once. In such a case, the auctioneer may accept a second or third etc. bid from the underbidder(s).

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