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A 1960’s “ Unityal Plate “ silver plate commemorative plate presented to Captain R. G. Hollingdale by the officers and cadets in October 1963 by t...

A colection of six boxed Royal Hampshire Art Foundry silvered pewter British military figures to include; The Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment...

A large collection of boxed Royal Hampshire Art Foundry silvered pewter British military figures to include: 22nd Cheshire Regiment of Foot(1806),...

A large collection of boxed Royal Hampshire Art Foundry silvered pewter British military figures to include: The South Wales Borderers, 96th Rifle...

A rare copper medal from the Royal Photography Society of Great Britain awarded to John A Long ARPS 2001. Gross weight 167g. Measures 6.5cm.

Two vintage retro 20th century motorcycle / motorbike helmet. A red Bob Heath helmets with clear visor and red liner along with an original Stadiu...

A collection of British military badges dating from the first world war WWI and the second world war WWII to include a Tank Corps badge, an Egypt ...

An antique late 19th / early 20th century Merryweather pattern Fireman's / Fire Fighting helmet. Brass construction, with original leather liner p...

An interesting early 20th Century white metal model of a cow having engraved decoration and raised on an oval base. It is believed was made by a p...

A collection of contemporary archery equipment comprising a Jacques 5ft 6" bow in black, a 4ft 3" in yellow, six FA28-6 arrows together with a lar...

A collection of x5 WWII Second World War British and German model aircraft fighter planes / aeroplanes. The collection to include x2 RAF Royal Air...

An album of assorted 20th century postcards to include; several Nelson / Battle of Trafalgar interest, Clifton Suspension Bridge, some street scen...

Twelve sets of military themed trade and cigarette cards, mostly 1910-45 to include 1980’s players - History Of The V.C., 1939 Players - Uniform O...

An incredible 1940’s George VI Air Ministry WWII / second war folding trestle table of a rectangular form with wooden top and metal legs. Stamped ...

Of taxidermy interest - A late 20th century Swedish Elk skull mounted on an ebonised pine plaque. Back reads To Martyn, from the Crays Swedis, Bjo...

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