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Ripon, North Yorkshire
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Ripon Business Park, Charter Road, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 1AJ, United Kingdom


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AN ART NOUVEAU SILVER PORRIDGE BOWL AND STAND, DAVID & GEORGE EDWARD, SHEFFIELD 1900, each piece embossed with six stylised sprigs of foliage, the...

AFTER FRANZ BERGMAN, A COLD-PAINTED BRONZE MODEL OF A CROCODILE, with compartment to back containing a female nude, bears B in a vase mark and "MA...


LATE 19TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL, VIEW OF PARIS FROM THE SEINE, monochrome watercolour, unsigned, framed, 43cm by 14cm

D.W.A. PARKES, A 19TH CENTURY FRENCH STREET SCENE, watercolour drawing, signed, framed. 29.5cm by 22cm

ATTRIBUTED TO AUGUSTE BENOT, STILL LIFE OF FLOWERS IN A KETTLE, dated 02, oil on board, unframed. 50cm by 38cm

H.D. ROBERTSON, STILL LIFE OF A EWER AND PINEAPPLE, signed and dated 06, unframed. 42cm by 33cm

BARBARA MITCHELL, TWO DORMICE PLAYING ON A BRANCH, signed lower right, gouache framed. 20.5cm by 46cm

20TH CENTURY SCHOOL, SEASCAPE, signed lower left, oil on board. 31cm by 122cm

A QUANTITY OF PAINTINGS, PRINTS AND MAPS, including an oil on canvas depicting dancing peasants, 9cm by 32cm; and E. Richards, a watercolour drawi...

H. GEOISER (?) (20TH CENTURY), POND AND BEECH TREES IN WINTER, signed, oil on canvas, framed. 60cm by 89.5cm

A GROUP OF UNFRAMED WATERCOLOUR DRAWINGS, including W. Wray, Venetian boating scenes (2) and Brixham Fishers (2), together with landscapes and pri...

A QUEEN ANNE STYLE WALNUT FRETWORK MIRROR. Plate measures 60cm by 28.5cm, frame measures 73.5cm high

A SET OF SIX GRAPHOTYPES OF SEA SIDE SKETCHES, nos. 1-6, framed. 18cm by 27.5cm

JOHANNES KIP, WALDERSHARE THE SEAT OF SIR ROBERT FURNESE BARONETT, engraving, framed, plate 35.5cm by 42.5cm; together with ANOTHER ENGRAVING, "TH...

FRENCH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY), LANDSCAPE WITH A DISTANT CHURCH, Squire Gallery label verso, watercolour, framed. 13cm by 19cm

NIKKY CORKER (20TH CENTURY), STILL LIFE OF A VASE OF FLOWERS, pastel drawing, signed and dated 1998 lower right, framed 50cm by 36cm; ANTHONY TAYL...

*** COLLINS, SHEPHERD AND HIS FLOCK, signed lower left, watercolour, framed. 19.5cm by 29.5cm

MAX LUDBY (1858-1943), "CHERTSEY LOCK", signed, watercolour, framed. 12cm by 17cm

C*** GALPIN (19TH CENTURY), DOGS, signed lower left, pencil drawing, framed. 13cm by 18.5cm

WILLIAM ALISTAIR MACDONALD (1861-1948), BARGES PASSING UNDER WESTMINSTER BRIDGE, signed with initials lower left, watercolour, framed. 13.5cm by 2...

E*** HAMILTON, THE BLACKSMITH'S COTTAGE, signed and dated (19)10 lower right, watercolour, framed. 16.5cm by 24cm

MICK OXLEY, "ELEMENTS", EARLY SWELL, DUNSTANBURGH, signed lower right, acrylic on canvas, unframed. 40cm by 40cm

19TH CENTURY SCHOOL, INTERIOR, monogrammed and dated 1860 lower right, pen and ink, framed. 23cm by 34.5cm

A*** TURNER, "HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT", signed and titled lower right, watercolour, framed. 23cm by 25cm

FRANCO MATANIA (1922-2006), FEMALE NUDE SEATED ON A SETTEE, signed lower left, pastel, framed. 34cm by 28.5cm

BAINES (CONTEMPORARY), VIEW OF RIPON, watercolour, framed. 26cm by 36cm 

20TH CENTURY SCHOOL, FEMALE NUDES, signed, crayon, framed. 48cm by 43cm

A GROUP OF FOUR PAINTINGS, including Kim Bergsagle, Figures in a Landscape, oil, framed under glass, 51cm by 48cm. (4)

W.L.GROWDEN, HEAD STUDY OF A DOG, signed and inscribed 'H.M.S. NORFOLK' lower left, oil on board, framed. 33.5cm by 28.5cm

ENGLISH SCHOOL, WYE VALLEY, watercolour, framed. 33cm by 47cm

MODERN BRITISH SCHOOL, ABSTRACT, indistinctly signed lower right, oil on paper, framed. 29.5cm by 40cm

MARTIN WRIGHT (CONTEMPORARY), "KIM", PORTRAIT OF A GIRL, signed, titled and dated 1965, charcoal with white, framed. 40cm by 25cm

AFTER FRANS HALS, MALLE BABBE, print, in an oak frame. 48.5cm by 40cm

MANNER OF DAVID ROBERTS, WATERCOLOUR, bears signature and date 1847; together with a 20th Century painting  of St. Tropez, signed; 19th Century wa...

A FAUX ROSEWOOD CASED MANTEL CLOCK, by Seth Thomas, USA with cream dial and Arabic numerals, 24cm high; and AN OVAL WALL MIRROR. (2)

JOSEF HERMAN (1911-2000), FIGURES, unsigned, two pencil sketches, framed as one. Each 21.5cm by 13cm  (Subject to ARR - see Buyers Conditions)COND...

NORCUP, A KINGFISHER, signed and dated 91, gouache; together with another. (2)

HARRY TITTENSOR (1887-1942), "GOING TO MARKET", BRUGES, signed lower left, watercolour and gouache heightened with white, framed. 27cm by 24cm

CHARLES ROWBOTHAM (1856-1921), A SHIPWRIGHT'S YARD AT IPSWICH AND OLD CALSTAIN, IPSWICH, a pair, each inscribed and dated 85, the first monogramme...

ATTRIBUTED TO PHILIP NAVIASKY (1894-1983), STILL LIFE OF A VASE OF FLOWERS, unsigned, oil on canvas, framed. 59.5cm by 44cm

ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY), RIVER LANDSCAPES WITH WINDMILL, A PAIR, unsigned, oils on board, framed under glass, 23.5cm by 43.5cm; together wit...

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AN AFGHAN RUG. 156cm by 88cm

EDITH E. FOSTER, LANDSCAPES, four oils on board, three signed, unframed. (4) Each approx. 18cm by 23cm

RICHARD W. MARSHALL (1944-2006), OLD HARTLEPOOL, signed lower left, oil, framed. 24cm by 30.5cm

HENRIETTA LISTER (1895-1959), "BRIEF INTERLUDE", signed lower left, watercolour, framed. 27cm by 37cm

EQUESTRIAN STUDY OF A HORSE, 'CARABINEER', oil on canvas, unframed. 55cm by 70cm

'THE SOUTH-WEST PROSPECT OF YARMOUTH, IN THE COUNTY OF NORFOLK', large engraving, after Sam and Nathaniel Buck. 30cm by 79cm


WILLIAM CHRISTIAN SYMONS (1845-1911), 18TH CENTURY FIGURES DESCENDING STEPS BY A LAKE, unsigned, label verso, gouache, framed. 53cm by 36cm

MIKE DAVIES, SPACE, A PAIR, one signed and dated '88, watercolours and gouache, framed. (2) 67cm by 101cm

BRIAN IRVING (1931-2013), COWS IN A MEADOW, signed lower right, watercolour, framed, 10.5cm by 16.5cm; together with ANOTHER WATERCOLOUR, by an un...

RUTH SINGLEY ENSIGN (1923-2008), "NOVEMBER BUSH II", limited edition lithograph, signed, dated 1986, numbered 14/25 and titled in pencil in the ma...

MIKE DAVIES, "ELECTRIC ALPHABET" AND PAINTING BY NUMBERS, two watercolours, the first one signed and titled, framed. (2) First 73cm by 52.5cm

ANDREW HEWKIN (BRITISH, BORN 1949), ESTABLISHING NEW MARKETS (THE LEBANON), signed, titled and dated (19)94 in pencil, gouache, framed. Visible sh...

NEITZKE, OF TIME AND SPACE, limited edition lithograph, number 5/9, signed, numbered and dated '90' in pencil in the margin, framed. Visible sheet...

*** CRUICKSHANK, THATCHED COTTAGES BY A RIVER, A PAIR, each signed, oils on canvas, framed. (2) 29.5cm by 59.5cm