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Fritz Heckert | Glass - Image 1 of 6
Fritz Heckert | Glass - Image 2 of 6
Fritz Heckert | Glass - Image 3 of 6
Fritz Heckert | Glass - Image 4 of 6
Fritz Heckert | Glass - Image 5 of 6
Fritz Heckert | Glass - Image 6 of 6
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Leesdorf, Lower Austria
Fritz Heckert Glass, connical form, circular foot. Rough pontil mark. Glt rim, enamel decoration, coat of arms Friederich von Arnstedt Engraved marking on foot:  F28 420  / 12 Dimensons (circa):  Height: 10.9cm  x 7.4cm diameter. Rubbed gilt, no chips.
Fritz Heckert Glass, connical form, circular foot. Rough pontil mark. Glt rim, enamel decoration, coat of arms Friederich von Arnstedt Engraved marking on foot:  F28 420  / 12 Dimensons (circa):  Height: 10.9cm  x 7.4cm diameter. Rubbed gilt, no chips.

19th Auction

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