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Ink on paper, signed Li Liang-jie and with red seal, China, 20th century, dimensions 29 x 65 cm. Folds Condition 2

Ink and colours on paper, dated 1982, red seal. China, Xian, dimensions 67 x 34 cm. Condition 2

Ink painting on silk of a motif of a literati hut by a winter river among dry trees dismounted from a folding fan. Painting sprinkled over with go...

The box comprising four separate trays and a cover of slightly domed form, the sides of the tiers bordered in various tones of cobalt-blue with de...

Lot 277

A Vase

Vase decorated with children at play within reserved panels over a yellow and a blue floral ground in cloisonné enamel. Qianlong (1736 - 1795) blu...

Baluster vase with pair of foo dog handles in cobalt blue to neck. A blue and white figural design on celadon-ground. China, Qing dynasty, 19th ce...

Porcelain fine and rich decorated with rock, flower and birds motifs painted in cobalt blue underglaze in a shade of intense blue. Signed with fou...

Porcelain painted on the glaze in blue, red, pink, green, black and yellow. On the belly a continuous river landscape with rock and pine tree and ...

Lot 281

A Vase

Porcelain painted with enamels. Hexagonal body decorated with figural panels (general Sun Huan, scholar Fu Sheng etc.). China, 19th century, heigh...

A famille verte porcelain bottle vase painted with dragons chasing the flaming pearl among waves. Copper red Tung Chih (Tongzhi) character mark (1...

Porcelain painted in cobalt blue under transparent glaze with decor of five-finger dragon. Four character Kangxi underglaze blue mark. Late Qing d...

A porcelain dish finely painted with a lotus and scroll pattern in cobalt blue. Marked on bottom with symbol mark: the endless knot. Peripheral wo...

Lot 285

A Plate

Porcelain, underglaze blue; red and green on glaze. Rim adorned with floral pattern and 3 pheonixes in the repeated panels. Japanese Imari, 18th c...

Lot 286

A Plate

Porcelain. A six sectional floral panels in a palette of green, red, blue, and gilt (rubbed) decoration and a blue decoration in the center medall...

Lot 287

Two Plates

Export porcelain famille rose medallion hexagonal and round plate with enameled painted floral, butterfly and figural scene panels. China, 19th ce...

Lot 288

A Vase

Porcelain glased, underglaze cobalt blue decoration of dragons and phoenixes. Japan circa 1900, height 40 cm. Hairline crack of glaze. Condition 2-

Lot 289

A Vase

Porcelain vase with embossed foo dogs heads in relief on the long neck, blue underglaze painting of peony cranes and pine trees. China circa 1900,...

A body covered with deep monochrome copper red glaze, four-character Yongzheng mark on base. China circa 1800, height 30 cm. Condition 2+

Lot 291

A Vase

Porcelain with blue decoration: unicorn qilin (kirin), tiger, elephant etc. China, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), the 1st half of the 19th centrury, he...

Baluster form vase with narrow neck, applied openwork handles. Porcelain with blue and white underglaze rock, flower and birds motifs on a celadon...

Lot 293

Three Bowles

Heavy porcelain, painted with enamel colors, floral decoarations, Cina, 19th century, height 7 cm, diameter 16—17 cm. Condition 2

1) Porcelain, painted in underglaze cobalt blue and overglaze red enamel and gold, Japanese Imari, circa 1700, diameter 27 cm, damaged, old repair...

Porcelain painted in underglaze blue and on the enamel red and gold. China cierca 1700, Kang-si period, height 4 cm. Condition 2+

Eggshell porcelain glazed, geometric design painted in gold on the red ground, and underglaze blue figural decorations, marked with six character ...

An eggshell porcelain, four footed teacups and saucers painted with cranes and floral decorations. Japan circa 1900, height 6.5 cm. Condition 2+

Porcelain painted in underglaze blue and on the enamel red and gold. Japan, 18th century, height 4 cm, diameter 11.5 cm. Gilt rubbing consistent w...

1)A chinese Imari porcelain. China, 18th century, height 4.5 cm, diameter 13.5 cm. 2) Porcelain cup and saucer, China, 18th century, height 4.8 cm...

Porcelain painted in underglaze blue and on the enamel red and gold. Japan, 18th century, height 4 cm, diameter 11.5 cm. Condition 2+

Yixing - stoneware in pewter mounts, tea pot decorated with a motif of five-fingered dragon, cover with congratulatory motives of a bat. Four cups...

Glazed pottery with decoration moulded and painted in enamel colours and gold. Japanese motifs as historic coach and playing children. Japan, Kyot...

Lot 303

A Cane Handle

Carved ivory, whole surface is covered with a precisely incised floral design. Signed Josen. Japan 陽泉, Meiji period, length 11 cm. Condition 1

A phallic carving out of walrus tusk with turned stopper cased in original lacquered box with motif of flowers and birds. Japan, 19th century, len...

Lot 305


Containers carved out of antler of sika deer species set with corals, both sides signed Masaki. Ojime in the Shape of a Melon. Japan circa 1900. C...

A charming precisely carved ivory model of a large cricket climbing on a cabbage leaf, applied red pigment. China, the beginning of the 20th centu...

108 skulls (citipati) in yak bone like the 108 tests which Buddha underwent before achieving enlightenment. Decorative knot. Tibet circa 1900, len...

Lot 308


Islamic brass scribe´s case with combined Inkwell. Seashell-form inkwell lid. Engraved decoration. Middle Eastern, 19th century, length 20.5 cm. C...

Lot 309


Islamic brass scribe´s smooth case with combined Inkwell. A few seals and tughra. Ottoman Empire, 19th century, length 27 cm. Condition 2

Finely chiseled and patinated bronze. Buddha is used to create paperweight and is placed on not original marble base. China, 19th century, height ...

Green jade vessel with a lid on three legs with claws Depicts the pair Foo guardian lions with rings. China, Republic period of 1920–1940, height ...

Lot 312

Thermos kettle

Ceramic and metal. Stoneware vessel, metal mounting, metal kettle. Marked with the workshop brand "Huang tai ten ji". Probably the 18th century, C...

A rare gilt bronze statue of Shiva, here depicted as dancer with 10 arms, dancing on top of Nandi. Thailand circa 1900, height 40 cm. Condition 2

Body with relief decoaration of oak leaves (kashiwa mochi), baboo leaves on the cover. Japan, 20th century, height 11.2 cm. Condition 2+

Bronze with patina. Circular bowl with a geometric decor in relief all round. Marked on the bottom. Japanese around 1900, diameter 17.5 cm. Condit...

Wall with applied fox (kitsune) decoration unreadable and illegible signature. Japan, 19th century, height 23 cm. A bottom rusted through. Conditi...

Cylindrical body with floral decoration on a white ground. China, 20th century, height 8 cms. Condition 2+

Bronze. Buddha seated on the lotus - throne and protected by Naga (front). Probably Thailand, 19th century, height. 15 cm. Condition 2

Gilt bronze figure of seated Buddha in Dhyani Mudra. Siam, 19th century, 16.5 cm. Condition 2

Chiselled bronze Vajrabhairava with Yogini Vidyadhara. Mongolia, 19th century, height 13.5 cm. Condition 2

Incense burner in chiseled patinated and partly gilt bronze. China, 20th century, length 26 cm. Condition 2

Brass, carved asian symbols of longevity and attributes of the immortals, medallions with carved flower motifs on the outer side of container. Chi...

Painting strong glued on the silk, silk borders. The mandala consists of angry pantheon deities. Nepal, the beginning of the 20th century. Conditi...

A coconut shell carved with deities, silver mounts. South China, 19th century, height 5.3 cm. Condition 2+

White jade. Fine spiral ribbed ring. China, 20th century, diameter 7.5 cm. Condition 2

Jade openwork disc with ancient style design elements and figure of chimera, China, 19th century - the beginning of the 20th century, height 8.4 c...

Jade carved in archaic style, China 19th century - beginnig of the 20th century, length 5.4 cm. Condition 2

Nicely carved moss-green jade with motif of two birds sitting on branches with fruits. China circa 1900, height 19.5 cm. Condition 2+

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