Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999)

In Modern and contemporary art: paintings, drawin...

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Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999) - Image 1 of 5
Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999) - Image 2 of 5
Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999) - Image 3 of 5
Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999) - Image 4 of 5
Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999) - Image 5 of 5
Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999) - Image 1 of 5
Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999) - Image 2 of 5
Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999) - Image 3 of 5
Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999) - Image 4 of 5
Michel Seuphor (1901 - 1999) - Image 5 of 5
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East Indian ink on paper, printed on the back Michel Seuphor, 1969, ** make sweet melody **, Size: 67 x 51 cm. - size height and width 66 x 50 cm - frame 89 x 72 cm
East Indian ink on paper, printed on the back Michel Seuphor, 1969, ** make sweet melody **, Size: 67 x 51 cm. - size height and width 66 x 50 cm - frame 89 x 72 cm

Modern and contemporary art: paintings, drawings, prints, multiples and sculptures

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