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Pair of piano candlesticks, German circa 1900, Brass, two lights, length 22 cm, height approx. 21 cm

Sconce for candles, German circa 1880, brass, height 26,5 x 20 cm

Pair of piano candlesticks, German circa 1880, brass, 2 lights, 23 x 13 cm, places of repair

Modern female figure, Middle East, terracotta, arms resting on the abdomen, female attributes and long hair, wide hips and firm legs with narrow u...

Anatomical model, German Hygiene Museum, GDR c. 1960/70, "The Eye", coloured, papier-mâché?, detailed design and construction, height 30 cm

Original vintage cooler from Pepsi Cola USA circa 1930/50, Progress Refrigerator Co., Louisville. KY. minimal signs of age, great collector's item...

Holzskulptur, Deutschland 17./18. Jh., "Heilige Sebastian", Holz geschnitzt, teilweise alte Fassung, goldgefasst, 46 x 45 x 28 cm, Absplitterungen

Film reel from the expedition "Journey to Spitzbergen", H. Wunderly - Volkart, around 1927, enclosed sheet with photo of him and a polar bear.

Zizenhausen figure, Basel, 19th century, "Totentanz" (Dance of Death), colored clay, "Der Prediger auf Kanzel" (The Preacher in Pulpit), height 14...

Zizenhausen figure, Basel, 19th c., "Totentanz" (Dance of Death) by Anton Sohn, 1st h. 19th century, colored clay, "Death of the forest brother", ...

Zizenhausen figure, Basel, 19th century, "Totentanz" (Dance of Death) by Anton Sohn, colored clay, "Death and the Queen", height 13,5 x 9,5 cm, da...

Zizenhausen figurine, Basel, 19th century, "Totentanz" (Dance of Death), by Anton Sohn, ccolored clay, "Der Tod und der Herzog" (Death and the Duk...

Two photo albums, Egypt, 1920s, silver gelatin prints on baryta paper. Partially inscribed on verso "Gaddis, Luxor". With respectively 41 and 53 b...

Volume - Book case, probably Swiss, dated 1790. With monogram 'MIH S'. Cherry wood. Front cover ornamented with floral vines, top and sides convex...

Icon, Russia, 16th/17th century, "God the Father in the Heavenly Carriage and 3 Saints", wood, egg tempera, silver ochre, repaired, 40.5 x 33 cm

Icon, Russia, 19th century, "Mother of God of Kazan", wood, egg tempera on chalk, silver ochre with enamel, master's mark "CE", 30,5 x 26,5 cm

Icon, Russia, 18th century, "Mary and Saints in front of the Pokorov Church", wood, egg tempera, on chalk ground, 31 x 24 cmLimit: € 1.200,-

Silver icon, Russia, c. 1900, "Mary as intercessor", silver, 84 hallmarked, master's mark "O.C.E.I" , as tripthion, silver decorated with enamel, ...

Jewish Shabbat candlestick, Germany c. 1900, brass, standing on a stepped base decorated with floral garlands, height 39 cm, width 35 cm

Sifre ha-Berit ha-ḥadashah = Delitzsch' Hebrew New Testament, Hebrew, Published by Franz Delitzsch, 3rd edition, Taschen - Edition, Leipzig 1880...

"Der Babylonische Talmud" (The Babylonian Talmud), in selections transferred and explained by Jakob Fromer (1865 Lodz). Published by Brandes, Berl...

Flavius, Josephus (37 A.D. Jerusalem - Italy), "The Jewish War", Greek and German, 4 volumes, published by Kösel Verlag, Munich, second edition 19...

Dr. Roth, Cecil (1899 London - 1970 Jerusalem), "The great Synagogue London 1690 - 1940", History of the Synagogue in London 1690 - 1940, publishe...

Judaica - Book, Bet ha Midrash. Collection of small midrashin and miscellaneous treatises from ancient Jewish literature. Collected from manuscrip...

J. Th. And Ch. Albeck, "Midrash Bereshit Rabba", 2nd edition, Wahrmann Books, Jerusalem 1965, Interpretation of the Religious Texts of Genesis, 3 ...

Gousset, Jacques (1635 Blois - 1704 Groningen), Lexicon, linguae Hebraicae, encyclopaedia with copper engravings, published by Clodius Johann Chri...

Schürer, Emil (1844 Augsburg - 1910 Göttingen), ("History of the Jewish People...", 3rd edition, published by J.C Hinrichs'sche Buchhandlung, 3 vo...

Schöttgen, Johann Christian (1687 Wurzen - 1751 Dresden), Talmud, translated into the New Testament, Dresden, 1733, several copper engravings, fir...

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