Arte Cinese A pair of paintings on paper depicting a bamboo and carps China, 20th century .

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Arte Cinese A pair of paintings on paper depicting a bamboo and carps China, 20th century .
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Chinese Art A pair of paintings on paper depicting a bamboo and carps China, 20th century . . Cm 36,00 x 70,00.
Chinese Art A pair of paintings on paper depicting a bamboo and carps China, 20th century . . Cm 36,00 x 70,00.


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Lots: 389
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Via Carlo Cattaneo, 55

For the shipping: spedizioni@capitoliumart.it

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NO EXPOSITION, LOTS VISIBLE ONLY BY APPOINTMENT. In order to view the lots in person please give us at least 24 hours notice.

1) JUNE 22ND LOTS (1 - 148)
10:30 AM
2) JUNE 22ND LOTS (149 - 275)
02:30 PM
3) JUNE 22ND LOTS (276 - 389)
05:30 PM

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