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Old Timer fire truck 's Hertogenbosch, N2, Ford V8, license plate NJ-17-32, year built 1938, issue part 1 1938, 10,318 kilometers color red, artif...

Old Timer fire truck 's Hertogenbosch, N2, Ford C 620 V8, license plate PB-47-78, year built 1954, issue part 1 06-04-1955, 14,490 kilometers colo...

Oak demountable double-sided display cabinet with approx. 90 drawers and upper cabinet consisting of a blackened metal frame, manufactured by Gisp...

Walnut sideboard with richly carved decoration of a dragon, satar head, leaves and columns, Holland ca. 1890, 272 cm high, 180 cm wide, 64 cm deep

Walnut sideboard with richly carved decoration of a dragon, satar head, leaves and columns, Holland ca. 1890, 255 cm high, 130 cm wide, 47 cm deep

Oak 2-door cushion cabinet decorated with masks on the hood, panel doors with blackened parts and 2 drawers at the bottom flanked by lion masks, 1...

Lot 7

Display case

Walnut and walnut veneer 1-door display case with glazed door and carved crest and 6-drawer base cabinet, 201 cm high

Oak 2-piece 1-door display cabinet with glazed doors and 2-door base cabinet, 218 cm high, 120 cm wide, 38 cm deep

2-part burr walnut veneer 2-door display cabinet with contoured hood rail, base cabinet b.u. 2 drawers and standing on claw feet, Holland 19th cen...

Lot 10


Walnut veneer on oak 2-door cabinet with 2 drawers and black mouldings, 210 cm high, 156 cm wide, 61 cm deep

Lot 11

Grand piano

In 1896 by John Broadwood & Sons, London, manufactured Grand grand piano 2.10 in rosewood veneer case, equipped with double repetition mechanism. ...

Faceted mirror in a classic gold-coloured frame, 98x72 cm

Heijdenrijk picture frame, inner dimensions 115x74 cm, outer dimensions 135x94 cm

Lot 14


Dark stained wooden 2-door cabinet with internal 2 drawers and 2 shelves, China 20th century, 163 cm high, 111 cm wide, 55 cm deep

Lot 15

Hanging lamp

Hanging lamp made of antlers, approx. 100 cm high, measured without chain

Cast iron green and gold painted stove with rich decor ca. 1900, 190 cm high

Lot 17

China cabinet

Walnuts with walnuts, 2-piece china cabinet with marquetry inlay of flowers and a decorated crest on the cabinet, 240 cm high, 251 cm wide, 51 cm ...

Lot 18


Richly decorated oak armchair with striped upholstery, volute-shaped arms with rosettes and acanthus leaves, Holland 19th century

Cast iron table with marble top, 4 swivel seats, 74 cm high, top 81x81 cm, frame 93x93 cm

Lot 20

Flap desk

Burr walnut veneer 3-drawer double curved flap desk, standing on claw feet, 103 cm high, 98 cm wide, 53 cm deep

Lot 21

Hall table

Biedermeier walnut veneer on oak 1-drawer mobile hall table with contoured marble top, shell motif on drawer and standing on cabriole legs with st...

Lot 22

Pay table

Dark stained chestnut wood pay table with drawer, South West Europe 17th century, 65.5 cm high and top size 87x51.5 cm

Lot 23


Mirror in an oak frame with carved decoration of, among other things, lion masks, 80x58 cm

Lot 24


Oak 4-door cabinet with richly painted hood with representations of bowls with fruit, cherubs, birds and masks, biblical representations in door p...

Lot 25


Mirror in wooden decorated bronze colored frame, 18th century, 58x32 cm (woodworm traces)

Facet cut mirror in bronze colored frame, 18th century, 68 cm high, 42 cm wide

Lot 27


Oak richly decorated cabinet, so-called Montbéliarde, Franche Comté, with 2-door upper cabinet, lower cabinet with 2 drawers and 2 doors, panels w...

Lot 28

Oak cabinet

Oak cabinet, Holland ca. 1820, 233 cm high, 151 cm wide, 53 cm deep

Lot 29

Oak cabinet

Oak cabinet, Holland ca. 1820, 238 cm high, 159 cm wide, 54 cm high

Burr walnut veneer on oak handicraft table with blackened edges and flap with intarsia containing a mirror and compartments incl. 5 with lid, 73 c...

19th century mirror in a gold colored frame with calf, 148x65 cm

Lot 32


Antique oak gate cupboard with blackened elements and richly carved decor, Holland ca. 1700, 217 cm high, 186 cm wide, 73 cm deep

Lot 33


Walnut cabinet with door and standing on slender legs and equipped with marquetry, 20th century, 67 cm high, 41 cm wide, 41 cm deep

Lot 34


Walnut veneer gueridon with round marquetry inlaid top, drawer under top, standing on column leg, ca. 1870, 73 cm high, 59 cm diameter

Lot 35

2 armchairs

2 richly decorated mahogany armchairs with beige mohair upholstery with motif

Faceted mirror in oak frame, with stitching, satar mask and full columns 161x92 cm

Lot 37

China cabinet

Oak cross-leg 2-door china cabinet with stitching in a contoured hood, shelves with contoured fronts, edges decorated with gold-coloured metal dec...

Oak Scrooge chair with stitching of, among other things, lion masks and shell motifs, imitation leather back and seat and copper tacks, finished e...

Lot 39

2 armchairs

2 black lacquered wooden armchairs with oriental decor and webbing seat with removable cushion with floral decor

Lot 40


Mahogany veneer 9-ply chiffonniere, 129 cm high, 124 cm wide, 55 cm deep

Lot 41


Mahogany veneer 2-piece 5-load schiffonniere with curved front, 125 cm high, 113 cm wide, 59 cm deep

Lot 42


Cherry wood secretaire with imitation leather inlaid top and 5 drawers, Western Europe 20th century, 138 cm high, 83 cm wide, 41 cm deep

Lot 43


Oak sideboard with stabbing, curb with crest, drawer and 2 doors with pearl edges, ca. 1900, 137 cm high, 98 cm wide, 52 cm deep

Lot 44

Payment table

Pine payment table with drawer and rail connection between the legs, 18th century, 75 cm high, top 12x94 cm

Oak 1-door hanging cabinet with various stitching, amongst. lion heads, birds, rosettes and flutes, Holland late 19th century, 70 cm high, 59 cm w...

Lot 46

Camphor chest

Teak camphor chest with richly decorated oriental decor of people and houses surrounded by a floral frame, 100 cm wide

Oriental chest on legs with richly carved decor of figures and ships, 58 cm high, 106 cm wide, 52 cm deep

Oriental chest on legs with richly carved decoration of many figures, 57 cm high, 102 cm wide, 53 cm deep

Oak credential box, with stitching in 3 doors in upper cupboard with representations of figures with dagger, sword and wheel, sides with letter pa...

Mahogany veneer 2-part toilet furniture, standing on wheels, 176 cm high, 136 cm wide, 60 cm deep

Lot 51


Empire mahogany veneer on oak chiffoniere with 6 drawers, full columns with brass accents and standing on block legs, Holland ca. 1820, 152 cm hig...

Lot 52


Oak cabinet with 4 doors in Renaissance style, Holland ca. 1900, 125 cm high, 146 cm wide, 53 cm deep

Lot 53

Teak table

Octagonal teak table, richly decorated with floral decor and folding base, 56 cm high, top 56 cm in diameter (1 panel from base missing and 1 pane...

Willem III-style blackened wooden side table/spider head table, 72 cm high and top size 83x58 cm (part of the leg must be glued)

Lot 55

Baking chair

Walnut baking chair after an early 16th century Italian example, standing on claw feet, back 85 cm high

Lot 56

Coffee table

Oak coffee table with star motif and 2 drawers, standing on ball feet, 68 cm high and top size 76x67 cm

Lot 57

Hanging lamp

Classic hanging lamp with putto and glass shade, 75 cm high (part of the draped cloth broke off)

Lot 58


10-light crystal chandelier with icicles, 85 cm in diameter

Lot 59

Hanging lamp

Stainless steel 6-light hanging lamp with cut icicles, 41 cm diameter

Lot 60

Candle crown

Bronze 6-light candle crown, 42 cm high, 50 cm diameter with 100 cm chain

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