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China stone sculpture of a character and a cat 18th Sizes: H=145mm L=75mm Weight (K): 0.195kg

China bamboo brush holders circa 1900 Sizes: H=280mm D=125mm Weight (K): 1.880kg

Curiosity handle carved with a grotesque character Sizes: L=90mm D=25mm Weight (K): 0.027kg

India silver box decorated with a character Sizes: H=90mm l=30mm l=70mm Weight (K): 0.117kg

North China Thailand rich silver box decor of scenes of life early 20th century Sizes: H=50mm L=140mm l=80mm Weight (K): 0.305kg

North China Thailand finely chiseled silver box early 20th century Sizes: H=45mm L=170mm l=105mm Weight (K): 0.392kg

North China richly decorated standing bowl early 20th century Sizes: H=130mm D=230mm Weight (K): 0.588kg

Tibetan coral and turquoise jewelry Sizes: H=110mm l=30mm Weight (K): 0.180kg

Asia bronze deity Sizes: H=65mm L=30mm Weight (K): 0.075kg

China silver box with vegetal decoration Sizes: H=30mm D=80mm Weight (K): 0.101kg

China silver box with dragon decoration Sizes: L=100mm l=60mm Weight (K): 0.043kg

China dragon and bamboo silver box Sizes: L=105mm l=80mm Weight (K): 0.109kg

17th century wooden reed knife carved with various characters Sizes: H=170mm L=30mm Weight (K): 0.125kg

17th century powder pear engraved with different characters Italy Sizes: H=130mm L=30mm Weight (K): 0.088kg

Rare ivory bottle carved with various characters 18th Sizes: H=80mm L=40mm Weight (K): 0.106kg

Chinese snuff box decorated with a dragon Qing period Sizes: H=70mm L=65mm Weight (K): 0.110kg

China enamel object Sizes: L=130mm ; H=40mm Weight (K): 0.093kg

Asia bronze deity Sizes: H=80mm L=40mm Weight (K): 0.170kg

Grand Sage ivory china Sizes: H=600mm L=130mm Weight (K): 4.800kg

Chinese sage ivory Sizes: H=210mm L=50mm Weight (K): 0.445kg

Ivory thai dancer Sizes: H=180mm L=75mm Weight (K): 0.181kg

Persian silver vase very rich decoration of characters late 19th Sizes: H=235mm D=70mm Weight (K): 0.332kg

China silver box with floral decoration early 20th century Sizes: H=55mm L=65mm Weight (K): 0.095kg

China silver cup early 20th century Sizes: H=155mm L=115mm Weight (K): 0.158kg

China large Nanking vase Sizes: H=600mm D=240mm Weight (K): 7.2kg

Clement MeRE 1861-1940 covered box decorated with stylized flowers signed and an unsigned cup Sizes: Boite H=90mm D=75mm Bol H=30mm D=60mm Weight ...

China covered box decorated with 2 fish circa 1900 Sizes: H=95mm D=85mm Weight (K): 0.195kg

golden circle snuff box decorated with a late 18th century soldier Sizes: D=60mm Weight (K): 0.048kg

tortoiseshell box decorated with 18th century characters Sizes: D=60mm Weight (K): 0.069kg

Asian decor snuff box from Canton China 19th Sizes: H=20mm L=70mm l=45mm Weight (K): 0.039kg

China carved jade fruit Sizes: H=55mm L=35mm Weight (K): 0.100kg

China hard stone sculpture Sizes: H=90mm L=80mm Weight (K): 0.173kg

Qing period jade buddha Sizes: H=95mm L=50mm Weight (K): 0.170kg

Miniature file carved with a 19th century character Sizes: L=50mm Weight (K): 0.004kg

Tibetan coral and turquoise jewelry Sizes: L=70mm l=60mm Weight (K): 0.070kg

Tibetan jewelry in coral and turquoise Sizes: L=65mm l=50mm Weight (K): 0.110kg

Pair of Japanese Satsuma lamps decorated with 19th century characters Sizes: H=675mm D=175mm Weight (K): 6.880kg

China seal with character decoration and inscription (attached a box decorated with a phoenix) Sizes: Sceau H=70mm D=20mm Boite D=85mm Weight (K):...

China stone carved with a peach and a bird Sizes: H=50mm L=40mm Weight (K): 0.060kg

China archaic bronze vase Sizes: H=140mm D=90mm Weight (K): 0.775kg

China lettered object wooden carved characters plaque Sizes: L=220mm l=260mm Weight (K): 0.800kg

Ancient syria vase with floral inlays Sizes: H=10mm D=100mm Weight (K): 0.430kg

China Buddha in wood and lacquer Qing period Sizes: H=420mm L=300mm Weight (K): 3.050kg

Syria large dish engraved with characters Sizes: D=270mm Weight (K): 1.070kg

Silver frame decorated with musical characters Sizes: H=180mm L=17—mm Weight (K): 0.149kg

Tibet Thangka original painting 19th Sizes: Cadre H 540mm L 435mm H cadre H 490 mm 390mm Weight (K): 1.500kg

China painted wooden fan box 1900 Sizes: H=40mm L=310mm l=40mm Weight (K): 0.194kg

China ox blood vase Sizes: H=120mm Weight (K): 1kg

China walnut carved characters Sizes: H=40mm l=25mm Weight (K): 0.035kg

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