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Corpus Christi - Ivory - arm missing Sizes: H=215mm L=45mm Weight (K): 0.130kg

Schneider Acid-Cleared Art Deco Cut Sizes: H=130mm D=230mm Weight (K): 0.950kg Author / artist: SCHNEIDER

Maxence Parot - lot of 2 sculptures Sizes: Teinte bleue H=100mm D=70mm Teinte doree H=140mm D=55mm Weight (K): 1.370kg Author / artist: MAXENCE PA...

Dieppe 19th ballot notebook Sizes: H=100mm l=60mm Weight (K): 0.047kg

18th century religious sculpture finely carved Dieppois work Sizes: H=210mm L=60mm Weight (K): 0.530kg

Sumptuous, finely carved stoup of two 18th Dieppe angels Sizes: H=160mm L=60mm Weight (K): 0.098kg

Legras vase cleared with Art Deco acid Sizes: H=175mm D=110mm Weight (K): 0.750kg Author / artist: LEGRAS

Keramis Art Deco vase Sizes: H=410mm D=190mm Weight (K): 2.320kg Author / artist: KERAMIS

Bronze Mephisto circa 1920 Auguste De Wever Sizes: H=300mm L=120mm Weight (K): 2.685kg Author / artist: AUGUSTE DE WEVER

Lot of bronze sculpture 70's Sizes: H= de 120 a 245mm Weight (K): 4.700kg

Brooch mounted on gold bust of a young woman carved in ivory Sizes: H=60mm L=45mm Weight (K): 0.030kg

Brooch mounted on gold carved bust 18th Sizes: H=50mm L=40mm Weight (K): 0.030kg

19th century sculpted corozo voice bottle Sizes: H=70mm L=40mm Weight (K): 0.137kg

19th Dieppe carved fruit box Sizes: H=50mm L=70mm l=60mm Weight (K): 0.045kg

Memento mori important sculpture of a skull 19th Sizes: H=120mm L=80mm Weight (K): 0.438kg

China rare opal sculpture "sculpted character" literate object Sizes: H=50mm L=90mm l=50mm Weight (K): 0.085kg

Seal carved with hands Dieppe 19th Sizes: H=90mm D=30mm Weight (K): 0.031kg

Brooch decorated with an 18th century sculpture Sizes: L=50mm l=40mm Weight (K): 0.017kg

Probably Roman period bust of a young woman in bronze Sizes: H=60mm L=35mm Weight (K): 0.195kg

Mirror Dieppe 19th Sizes: H=280mm L=100mm Weight (K): 0.395kg

19th Dieppe sculpted cross Sizes: H=100mm L=50mm Weight (K): 0.108kg

E. TISSOT (XX) large Art Deco bronze "the flying birds" Sizes: H=690mm L=360mm Weight (K): 15kg Author / artist: E TISSOT

Yves LOHE bronze sculpture "young guitarist" Sizes: H=190mm l=110mm Weight (K): 1.210kg Author / artist: YVES LOHE

Yves LOHE bronze sculpture "hands" Sizes: H=145mm l=60mm Weight (K): 0.795kg Author / artist: YVES LOHE

Victor DEMANET (1895-1964) Queen Elisabeth of Belgium bronze sculpture Sizes: H=280mm L=140mm Weight (K): 1.930kg Author / artist: Victor DEMANET ...

Pair Of 1930 Art Deco Vases Signed D'Argyl Sizes: H=360mm L=225mm Weight (K): 4.860kg Author / artist: D'ARGYL

Green and gold Art Nouveau vase Sizes: H=360mm D=130mm Weight (K): 0.760kg

Legras Art Deco vase Sizes: H=200mm D=160mm Weight (K): 0.630kg Author / artist: LEGRAS

Keramis Art Deco vase Sizes: H=210mm D=160mm Weight (K): 0.690kg Author / artist: KERAMIS

Asia Guanyin and children sculpted circa 1900 Sizes: H=330mm L=240mm Weight (K): 1.495kg

Erotic miniature on ivory 19th Sizes: Cadre L=130mm l=130mm Miniature D=50mm Weight (K): 0.115kg

19th century mountain chamois carved box Sizes: H=70mm L=100mm l=60mm Weight (K): 0.141kg

Open letters 1900 probably a Dieppe work Sizes: L=195mm l=20mm Weight (K): 0.033kg

Lot of 4 Napoleon ivory sculptures, erotic and religious 19th Sizes: H=60mm Weight (K): 0.019kg

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240

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