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Aprey vegetable covered in earthenware with polychrome decoration, floral decoration and birds Sizes: H=230mm L=290mm l=230mm Weight (K): 2.245kg

Japanese Art Deco porcelain inkwell decorated with warriors Sizes: H=220mm L=125mm Weight (K): 0.892kg

Africa sculpture of King Kuba circa 1930 signed Sizes: H=140mm L=55mm Weight (K): 0.290kg

China stone sculpture of a character and a cat 18th Sizes: H=145mm L=75mm Weight (K): 0.195kg

China bamboo brush holders circa 1900 Sizes: H=280mm D=125mm Weight (K): 1.880kg

Important marble empty pocket decorated with two bronze dogs probably Viennese work. Sizes: H=100mm L=320mm Weight (K): 3.590kg

Asia pair of porcelain vases on a yellow background China? Sizes: D=240mm Weight (K): 1kg

Asia lot of 2 objects a box and a decorated handle knife 19th Sizes: Couteau L=180mm Boite L=360mm l=60mm Weight (K): 0.135kg

Corpus Christi - Ivory - arm missing Sizes: H=215mm L=45mm Weight (K): 0.130kg

Paris porcelain planter beautiful romantic decor Sizes: H=185mm L=305mm l=200mm Weight (K): 2.260kg

Roger Guerin (1896-1954) imposing vase, very beautiful flamingo decoration Sizes: H=530mm D=270mm Weight (K): 4.8kg Author / artist: Roger Gue?rin...

Legras vase decorated with violets Sizes: H=100mm D=75mm Weight (K): 0.115kg Author / artist: LEGRAS

Sabino France 3 animal subjects in opalescent molded glass Sizes: H= 20 a 40mm Weight (K): 0.140kg

Emile Galle vase cleared with acid decoration of fruits Sizes: H=130mm L=80mm Weight (K): 0.210kg Author / artist: EMILE GALLE

Emile Galle vase cleared with acid vegetable decoration Sizes: H=65mm D=75mm Weight (K): 0.190kg Author / artist: EMILE GALLE

Schneider Acid-Cleared Art Deco Cut Sizes: H=130mm D=230mm Weight (K): 0.950kg Author / artist: SCHNEIDER

Maxence Parot - Lot of 2 Asian style vases Sizes: Vase irise rouge H=110mm L=95mm Vase irise jaune et bleu H=145mm D=85mm Weight (K): 1.960kg Auth...

Maxence Parot - lot of 2 sculptures Sizes: Teinte bleue H=100mm D=70mm Teinte doree H=140mm D=55mm Weight (K): 1.370kg Author / artist: MAXENCE PA...

Lot of Napoleon III glassware Sizes: H= de 80 a 140mm Weight (K): 0.715kg

Opaline vase bursts of color 20th Sizes: H=170mm D=110mm Weight (K): 0.790kg

Vases set of 2 Opaline bursts of color Sizes: H= 125 et 190mm Weight (K): 1.110kg

Daum Nancy cut on foot Sizes: H=85mm D=145mm Weight (K): 0.900kg Author / artist: DAUM NANCY

Daum et Majorelle art deco cup and wrought iron Sizes: H=90mm D=170mm Weight (K): 0.950kg Author / artist: DAUM

Opaline vase bursts of color 20th Sizes: H=140lm D=65mm Weight (K): 0.170kg

Val Saint Lambert decanter and glasses Sizes: Verres H=70mm D=45mm Carafe H=175mm L=160mm Weight (K): 2kg Author / artist: VAL SAINT LAMBERT

Curiosity trompe l'oeil box coins Sizes: D=40mm Weight (K): 0.035kg

Pontoon work "engraved tooth" whaling 19th Sizes: H=120mm L=50mm Weight (K): 0.135kg

18th century architect travel kit Sizes: H=110mm L=50mm Weight (K): 0.060kg

Curiosity handle carved with a grotesque character Sizes: L=90mm D=25mm Weight (K): 0.027kg

Ivory pendant carved with a rose circa 1900 Sizes: D=55mm Weight (K): 0.028kg

Coral cabochon silver bracelet Sizes: H=65mm D=65mm Weight (K): 0.116kg

Italian clown (3) in silver and Murano glass monkey Ancini Sizes: Petit H=55mm L=30mm Moyen H=130mm L=90mm Grand H=210mm L=90mm Weight (K): 1.042kg

India silver box decorated with a character Sizes: H=90mm l=30mm l=70mm Weight (K): 0.117kg

North China Thailand rich silver box decor of scenes of life early 20th century Sizes: H=50mm L=140mm l=80mm Weight (K): 0.305kg

Cambodia silver box finely carved early 20th century Sizes: H=45mm L=160mm l=100mm Weight (K): 0.305kg

North China Thailand finely chiseled silver box early 20th century Sizes: H=45mm L=170mm l=105mm Weight (K): 0.392kg

Silver dish in the center a lion probably India Sizes: D=245mm Weight (K): 0.288kg

North China richly decorated standing bowl early 20th century Sizes: H=130mm D=230mm Weight (K): 0.588kg

Probably Pre Colombian carved dog head Sizes: L=20mm l=15mm Weight (K): 0.013kg

Tibetan coral and turquoise jewelry Sizes: H=110mm l=30mm Weight (K): 0.180kg

Miniature carved walnut with the arms of Louis XV Sizes: H=30mm l=20mm Weight (K): 0.035kg

Coral writing feather Sizes: H=170mm Weight (K): 0.050kg

Seal in the shape of a stupa Sizes: H=60mm L=40m Weight (K): 0.054kg

box surmounted by a snail Sizes: H=80mm D=90mm Weight (K): 0.245kg

19th ivory and silver prom notebook Sizes: L=100mm l=70mm Weight (K): 0.058kg

Dieppe 19th ballot notebook Sizes: H=100mm l=60mm Weight (K): 0.047kg

Lot 47

Badger 19th

Badger 19th Sizes: H=140mm D=50mm Weight (K): 0.220kg

Asia buddha in gilded bronze Sizes: H=80mm L=50mm Weight (K): 0.150kg

Asia buddha in gilded bronze Sizes: H=80mm L=50mm Weight (K): 0.155kg

Asia buddha in gilded bronze Sizes: H=65mm L=50mm Weight (K): 0.175kg

Asia bronze deity Sizes: H=65mm L=30mm Weight (K): 0.075kg

Africa statue probably Congo 20th Sizes: L=80mm ; H=250mm Weight (K): 0.327kg

Collection of matchboxes (10 albums) China, Russia, America ... Sizes: Divers Weight (K): 8.200kg

Africa statue probably Congo 20th Sizes: L=70mm ; H=260mm Weight (K): 0.240kg

Oceania 19th century stone coin jewelry Sizes: Divers Weight (K): 0.390kg

Artois enamel sign Sizes: L=600mm l=370mm Weight (K): 2.100kg

Lot of various pipe cases Sizes: divers Weight (K): 0.736kg

Dior box and clock in Galuchat Sizes: Boite L=80mm l=60mm Montre L=90mm l=40mm Weight (K): 0.168kg

Timpani (15) in solid silver various hallmarks Sizes: divers Weight (K): 0.886kg

silver boxes (3) early 20th century Sizes: L=90mm l=70mm Weight (K): 0.231kg

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