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A BRONZE FIGURE OF PADMASAMBHAVA. Tibet, 16th c. Height 14 cm. Base plate lost. Provenance: Koller Zurich, June 1986, A59 lot 47. Swiss private c...

A BRONZE FIGURE OF MILAREPA. Tibet, 19th c. Height 13.2 cm. Lotus throne seperately cast. Provenance: Old German private collection.

A BRONZE FIGURE OF A STANDING VAJRASATTVA. Tibet, 12th/13th c. Height 14 cm. One arm broken.

A BRONZE FIGURE OF SHAKYAMUNI WITH A VAJRA ON THE LOTUS THRONE. Tibet, 16th c. Height 18.5 cm. Eyes inlaid with silver and copper. Some remains of...

A COPPER ALLOY FIGURE OF A STANDING BUDDHA. Nepal, 16th c. Height 48 cm. The skin parts with later cold gilding. Provenance: Dr. Robert Bigler, R...

A GILT COPPER ALLOY FIGURE OF BUDDHA SHAKYAMUNI. Tibet, 16th c. Height 13.5 cm. Sealed lotus throne. Provenance: Koller Zurich, June 1986, A59 Lo...

A GILT COPPER ALLOY FIGURE OF BUDDHA SHAKYAMUNI. Tibet, 15th c. Height 14.5 cm. Remains of blue paint in the hair. Lotus base sealed. Provenance:...

A GILT COPPER ALLOY FIGURE OF SHADAKSHARI. Tibet, 14th/15th c. Height 12 cm. Stone inlays lost. Lotus base sealed.

A GILT COPPER ALLOY FIGURE OF BUDDHA SHAKYAMUNI. Tibet, 15th c. Height 19.5 cm. A vajra is lying in front of him on the lotus throne. Base plate a...

A GILT COPPER ALLOY FIGURE OF AMITAYUS. Tibet, 15th c. Height 23.5 cm. The rich jewellery set with glass stone inlays. Provenance: Koller Zurich,...

A GILT COPPER ALLOY FIGURE OF VAJRADHARA. Tibet, 17th c. Height 28 cm. The jewellery set with small corals, turquoises and glass stones. Vajra and...

A GILT COPPER REPOUSSE FRIEZE. Tibet, 15th/16th c. 31 × 48 cm. Four dancing Apsaras holding musical instruments, with two smaller ones in a vertic...

A BRONZE FIGURE OF THE GREEN TARA. Tibet, ca. 16th c. Height 13.5 cm. The skin parts with cold gilding. The base is sealed. Provenance: Koller Zu...

A GILT COPPER ALLOY LION THRONE. Tibet, 15th c. 10 × 15 × 7 cm. With a vajra at the centre of the front.

A BRONZE FIGURE OF CANDRAKIRTI. Tibeto-chinese, 16th c. Height 17 cm. The great Indian teacher with a Tibetan disciple. Base sealed.

A FINE LACQUERED BRONZE FIGURE OF MANJUSHRI. Tibeto-chinese, Yongle style, 15th c. Height 14.5 cm. Gilt on brown lacquer, some details in red lacq...

A GILT BRONZE FIGURE OF HAYAGRIVA. Tibeto-chinese, 18th c. Height 10.8 cm. On a later stone base. Published in: D.I. Lauf, Das Erbe Tibets, 1972,...

A GILT COPPER ALLOY FIGURE OF PALDEN LHAMO. Tibeto-chinese, 19th c. Height 18 cm. With details painted in red. The base made of repoussé and seale...

A GILT BRONZE FIGURE OF A FEMALE WRATHFUL DEITY. Tibeto-chinese, 18th c. Height 10 cm. On modern wood base.

A GILT BRONZE FIGURE OF AMITAYUS. Tibeto-chinese, ca. 1770, height 18 cm. The lotus flower is later added. Provenance: North German private colle...

A LARGE COPPER ALLOY FIGURE OF TSONGKHAPA. Tibet, 18th c. Height 56 cm (incl. throne). Partly lacquer gilt in two different tones. The base is sea...

A SMALL BRONZE STUPA. Tibet, 13th/14th c. Height 16.8 cm. Consecration plate lost. Provenance: Old German private collection.

A RITUAL CHOPPER (KATTRKA). Tibet, 17th c. (handle). Height 26.5 cm. The later blade made of iron, the hilt of gilt copper alloy. Stand.

A FINE COPPER, IRON AND BRONZE PRAYER WHEEL. Tibet, 19th c. Height 35 cm. Inscribed with a mantra in latsa script. Wood handle. Stand.

AN IRON RITUAL TRIDENT (TRISULA). Tibet, 18th/19th c. Height 40 cm. Partly gold damascened, the centre in the shape of a gilt double-faced scull. ...

A FINE AND CLASSICAL SILVER ALTAR EWER. Tibet, ca. 19th c. Height 22 cm. The spout inset with one turquoise. Provenance: Koller Zurich, September...

A FINE AND LARGE SILVER BUTTER LAMP. Tibet, ca. 19th c. Height 26 cm. Slightly lopsided. Provenance: Koller Zurich, September 2009, A150 lot 132.

A CHASED SILVER KUNDIKA. Tibet, 19th/20th c. Height 29 cm. This ritual vessel is the attribute of Maitreya.

A RITUAL OFFERING SET (SERKYEM). Tibet, 19th/20th c. Height 18.5 cm. Parcel-gilt silver. Made of a wide bowl and a smaller one on a high stand whi...

A COPPER AND BRASS RITUAL EWER (BUMPA). Tibet, 19th c. Height 20 cm. Remains of red paint.

A FINE COPPER AND SILVER TEAPOT. Tibet, 18th c. Height 31 cm. The shoulder decorated with lotus leaves in light relief. Provenance: Swiss private...

Lot 132


AN IRON TEAPOT. Tibet, 18th/19th c. Height 26.5 cm. With chased copper decorations.

AN EMBOSSED COPPER TEAPOT. Tibet, ca. 19th c. Height 27 cm. Plain body with dragon handle, makara head at spout and lotus bud at cover. Provenanc...

A PLAIN BRONZE TEAPOT. Tibet, 19th c. Height 22 cm. Adorned with brass details. Provenance: Koller Zürich, November 1986, A61 Lot 103. Swiss priv...

A MONKSCAP EWER. Tibet, 19th c. Height 29 cm. Copper and brass. Provenance: Koller Zurich, November 1984, A53 lot 138. According to the catalogue...

A PAINTED CLAY TSATSA. Tibet, 16th c. Height 13 cm. Showing the six-armed Mahakala. Compare a similar piece in: P. Pal, Art of Tibet: A Catalogue...

A POLYCHROME WOOD PHURBA. Tibet, 19th c. Length 32 cm. The three heads of Vajrakila topped by a Garuda head.

A BONE ORNAMENT CARVED WITH CAKRASAMVARA YAB-YUM. Tibet, ca. 18th c. Height 15.3 cm. From the apron of a tantric dancer.

A PAINTED WOOD G'AU WITH TSAGLI. Tibet, 18th and 19th c. Height 13.3 cm. The tsagli shows a red Dharmapala.

A PAINTED WOOD MASK OF MANDARAVA. Tibet, 19th c. Height 27 cm. The consort of Padmasabhava with friendly face wearing a flower crown. Provenance:...

A RED AND GOLD PAINTED MANUSCRIPT COVER. Tibet, 18th/19th c. 26 × 71 cm. Carved with the three bodhisattvas Vajrapani, Shadakshari and Manjushri.

A SET OF TWO SMALL MANUSCRIPT COVERS. Tibet, 14th c. 33 × 9 cm. Partly gilt and red painted wood. The upper cover carved with eight buddhas.

A LARGE WOODEN SUTRA COVER. Tibet, ca. 15th c. 74 × 28.5 × 3.5 cm. Carved with Prajnaparamita, Vairocana and Shakyamuni.

A PAIR OF CARVED AND LACQUERED SUTRA COVERS. Tibet, ca. 18th c. Length 71, width 26.5 cm. Painted with gold lacquer scrolls. Minor restorations. P...

A WOOL LOTUS CARPET. Tibet, around 1900, 150 × 80 cm. Three large blossoms on blue ground. Some traces of age.

A WOOL CARPET DECORATED WITH LOTUS SCROLLS. Tibet, um 1900, 154 × 87 cm. Minor damages.

A BUDDHIST WOOL CARPET. Nepal, circa 1950, 160 x 93 cm. Inscribed with the Mani mantra in Lantsa script.

A LONG TEMPLE HANGING. Tibet, ca. 50 × 535 cm (without fringes). Old polychrome silk fabrics, backed with cotton. Signs of age.

A NINGXIA SEAT COVER. China, circa 1920, 174 x 57 cm. Wool. For a priest's throne. Minor stains.

TWO TEA CUPS WITH SILVER FOOT AND COVER. Tibet, height 18.5 and 19.5 cm. One made of silver, the other made of green serpentine.

A GOLD SADDLE RING. Tibet, height 3.3 cm. Set with a dark red coral.

AN IRON MOONFLASK FOR BEER (CHANG). Eastern Tibet, 18th/19th c. Height 35 cm. Silver damascened decoration on both sides.

A HAT FINIAL OF AN OFFICIAL. Tibet, 19th c. Height 5.5 cm. Jade coloured glass sphere, gold mounting with turquoises and glass stones. Added metal...

A LARGE MANDALA THANGKA. Tibet, late 19th c. 75 × 75 cm. In the centre a red Dharmapala united with his paredra. Brocade mounting. Enamelled metal...

A THANGKA FRAGMENT SHOWING A MANDALA. Tibet, 15th/16th c. 30 × 30 cm. Framed under glass.

A MANDALA OF AMOGHAPASA. Tibet, 19th c. 52 × 39 cm. Framed under glass. Provenance: Old Slovenian private collection, acquired around 1960 in Ind...

A MANDALA THANGKA OF AMITAYUS. Southern Tibet, 15th c. 62 × 55 cm. At the back dedication by Kunga Zangpo (1382–1456) to Jangphugpa (Kunga Lekpa)....

A THANGKA OF THE EIGHT MEDICINE BUDDHAS. Tibet, 18th c. 60 × 39 cm. In a Chinese style wood frame.

A THANGKA OF TARA SURROUNDED BY THE 21 TARAS. Tibet, 19th c. 65 × 45 cm. Mounted with Japanese brocade, silk curtain. Provenance: German private ...

A THANGKA OF BUDDHA AMITHABA. Tibet, 18th c. 60 × 40 cm. Brocade mounting with silk curtain.

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