Islamic and Orientalist objects

by Orientalist Art

29 Feb 2024 16:00 CET (15:00 GMT) Live Webcast Auction

Important Information

If your pay by PayPal, they charg a fee for the payment, therefore please add 5% of the total amount to your invoice. 

Private buyers from the EU pay 21% VAT on the commission. 

Contact us at for your instructions on pick up or transport of your items.

Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The conditions below apply to all auctions organised by Orientalist Art. It is presumed that anyone who participates in any way in one of these auctions is aware of these conditions.

The terms and conditions are published on the website. Agreeing with the terms and conditions is also part of the registration process to participate in buying or selling at Orientalist Art or her partner platforms.

So please read the following carefully before participating in our auction. Only then we can all make the experience as good as possible for all concerned. 

Orientalist Art, buyers, and sellers have a shared responsibility to create a safe place to interact. To work well together we have some ground rules. The intention of the rules is to facilitate an open and honest process between all parties. This is achieved if all parties act with the best intentions for all concerned. 

Process for buying at auction

The catalogue of the auction will come online at least two weeks prior to the live auction. It will be published at:


Before being able to bid in our auction you first need to register as a client at Or at one of the other platforms mentioned above.

The auction will open for pre-biding when the catalogue comes online.

The Live auction will start at the published date and time.

The starting bid in the Live auction, is the highest bid of the Pre-bidding part of the auction.

Be aware a bid in the auction is binding. The highest bidder automatically enters into a contract of sale. The winner of the lot is the person with the highest bid in the Live auction (= hammer price). 

After winning a lot, you will receive an invoice including:

  • The Hammerprice (your winning bid) 25% buyers’ commission
  • For EU-buyers 21% VAT over the commission (excluding companies that have provided a VAT-number). 
  • A payment fee,a percentage in accordance with your method of payment. 

Item presentation

Orientalist Art will take care to represent an item as true to from as possible. However a photograph can not always do justice to the colouring of an item. Also is it impossible to catalogue all imperfections an item might have. It is our intention to give a good overall impression of the item as it is. The descriptions are given to the best of our knowledge and with the best intentions. Orientalist Art cannot be held liable for an inadvertently incorrect description and does not give guarantees about the functioning of an (electronic) item.

As a buyer please do your own research before bidding at auction. If you are in need of more information or photographs to do so, please contact us. 

As a seller, please be frank and accurate in your description to prevent disappointment and complaints and possible dissolution of the contract of sale. 


Bidding at auction

During the auction the bidding takes place in the following steps:

 0-500: 20

 500 - 1000: 50

 1000 - 2000: 100

 2000 - 5000: 200

 5000 – 10.000: 500

 10.000 – 50.000: 1000

 50.000 – 100.000: 5000

A bid at auction is binding and will result in a contract of sale. Failing this commitment without sufficient cause will result in judicial steps and you will be blacklisted at Orientalist Art and the other platform you might have bid at.

Bidding at auction means you guarantee that your purchase is legitimate and not part of any fake transaction or money laundering. 

Winning at auction

After the auction you will receive an invoice for your winning lot(s). Payment of your item(s) is due within 5 working days after receiving your invoice. Failure to pay within this period will result in a fee of 3% of the total amount per week. 

The buyer is responsible for any additional costs (e.g.VAT, import levies, copyright, resale right) and to make sure if there are any specific rules or restrictions to import the item to your country.

Please keep in mind that with international purchases exchange rates may apply. The exchange rate at the date you enter into a contract of sale will be applicable.


Payment options


We can send a payment link to your email address.

Please be aware that PayPal charges a fee for the payment. So, we will add 5% of the total sum to your payment. 



For a bank transfer please use this information:

Please take care of the payment costs yourself and do not split or allocate them to us.

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