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Tuscany 15th Century, house altar with four saints in the centre with landscapes, and two saints on each side; tempera on gold ground, pounced; in...

Lot 2

Male Torso

Male Torso of a saint, in fluted dress with folds in sitting position; head and arms missing; Southern Europe, in medieval manner; white painted c...

North Italian or South Austrian master 15th/16th Century, Cross with rich carved ornaments in open work, rounded, in the form of a knight’s shield...

Small casket in Embriachi manner, with lid, on four round feet, close-up function; the top arched, decorated with boxwood carved portraits and orn...

Neri di Bicci ( 1419-1492)-school, Madonna with Jesus Child and saints, throned in landscape, with curtain; tempera or oil on wooden panel, partly...

Renaissance relief, in gesso technique, Maria with Child, painted in black and red colours, Tuscany 15th/16th Century, damages; in a 17th Century ...

German or Dutch school 16th Century, Portrait of a Saint with halo, in front of dark background, oil on panel; 36x26.5cm

Fra Filipo Lippi (1406-1469)-follower, Portrait of a man in Landscape , oil on paper laid down on wooden panel, framed, under glass. 21X16cm

Master of the Agusustiner Kreuzigung-school, Salome with St. John’s head, in landscape, oil in wood; damages. 99X79cm

Venetian stone plaque, in rectangular shape with sculpted man riding on fantastic beast in half relief technique, weathered Istrian stone with hol...

Adriaen Thomasz Key (1544-1589)-attributed, Portrait of an elegant court lady, sitting on a chair in front of a dark background; oil on panel, fra...

German coconut container, silver in shape of a bird, with movable head and wings, engraved feather decorations, standing on round base with floral...

Frederico Barocci (1535-1612)-after, The flight to Egypt, oil on canvas, framed. 100x75cm

Alessandro Vittoria (1525-1608)-attributed, Minerva standing sculptures with folded clothes and helmet; on round base; full cast, with original pa...

Piero di Cosimo (1462-1522)-manner, Madonna with child in landscape, oil on textile on wood, framed. 35X25cm

A German Transylvanian silver goblet, with one lid, on central foot, with chased and engraved figural and floral ornaments; partly gilded, marked ...

Mathys Schoevaerdts (1665-1702)-school, Farmers discussing in front of a village and windmill; oil on canvas laid down on panel, framed. 40X50cm

Artist 19th Century, Bronze sculpture of a nude youth with fish, black patina, on round marble base. 60cm height.

Jan Gossaert (1478-12532)-circle. Portrait of a man in black dress with fur, holding a skull in his hand; in the background coat of arms and a nic...

Iron coat of arms in shape of a round shield with weapons and lion in the centre, iron forged, rusty, 18/19th Century. Dimensions: 64x71cm

German school around 1600, Jesus with the Crown of Sorrows, oil on copper, framed. 28X21cm

Marble base or column, cylindrical round shape, red marble with white and black incrustations, on stepped white marble base. 13Cm height

Francois Clouet (1510-1572)-circle, Portrait of a Noble man, black and red chalk on paper, framed under glass. 30x20cm

Antoine Coysevox (1640-1720)-follower, Equestrian sculpture of Louis XIV, on naturalistic base with armour; bronze cast, gilded; on ebonised woode...

Emillian school around 1600, Madonna with child, oil on canvas, 70x50 cm

Lot 27

Russian icon

Russian icon, Dead of Maria, oil on wooden panel, with gilded bronze oklad; 19th Century. 32X26cm

Florentine school 16/ Century, Portrait of Giovanni de' Medici called Bande Nere (1498-1526), oil on canvas, framed described, 50x40cm

Italian Majolica jug bowl, round shape, with spout, figure and double spout on the reverse, formed handgrips in form of snakes; painted with flowe...

Large Tuscany pot, bowed shape with short neck, sculpted side grips with masks, painted with flowers and coat of arms in Renaissance manner, in th...

Emilian School 16th Century, The Holy Family, oil on copper, framed. 22X16cm

Montelupo ceramic dish, painted with two soldiers in landscape, glazed. Diameter: 26cm

Stephan Kessler (1672-1700)-attributed, Allegory of a female saint and a king, oil on wooden panel, framed. 23x32cm

Italian ceramic can, in oval fluted shape with spout and handgrip in form of snails, painted with ornaments on cream brown, glazed, 18th/19th Cent...

Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614)-attributed, Portrait of a young nobleman, oil on canvas, framed. 40x30cm

Benvenuto Tisi da Garofalo (1481-1559)-school,The Holy Family in Landscape, oil on wood, framed in a carved and gilted fame. Total size: 107x66cm ...

Augsburg silver plate, round shape with wide border, chased and engraved with fruits and Roman emperors’ portraits in the centre, engraved fruits;...

Montelupo ceramic dish, painted with two soldiers in landscape, glazed. Diameter: 26cm

Jacopo Tintoretto (1518-1594)-after, The Garden of Eden, oil on canvas, framed. 108x150cm

Large Tuscany jug, with spout and handgrip, rich painted floral ornaments and coat of arms with amors in Renaissance manner, on white ground glaze...

Salvator Rosa (1615-1673)-attributed, Hermit, oil on canvas. 93x120cm

Garden sculpture Hercules, with club and lion at his feet, plaster with water absorbation colour and other materials, weathered, 20th Century. Dim...

Apollonio Domenichino (1715-1770)-follower, Gondolas on the Canale Grande, Venice; oil on canvas, framed. 130x90cm

Lot 45

Medusas Head

Medusas Head with open mouth, sculpted chalk or sandstone with restorations 19th Century. Dimensions: 32x38cm

Aert van der Neer (1603-1677)-attributed, Ice skaters on a frozen river, oil on oak panel, monogrammed on the sleight, framed. Dimensions: 20x26cm

Large Venetian mirror in arched and curved shape with two mirror fields, surrounded by richly carved wooden frame with scrolls and rocailles, part...

Gerard Dou (1613-1675)- follower, A couple eating and drinking by a window, oil on canvas laid down on board, framed. Dimensions: 35x31cm

Italian Majolica pot, round shape with two handgrips, painted with blue flowers and ornaments on white ground, glazed, 19th Century. Dimensions: 3...

Saxonian cross bow, walnut with rich engraved and ebonized I. intarsias on all sides; iron bow with front piece and handgrip, rusty, function not ...

Pierre Le Gros (1666-1719)-manner, Memento mori, hand sculpted white and red marble bust, with rich multicoloured veins and parts on sculpted whit...

Central Italian Artist around 1700, Still Life with fruits in landscape, oil on canvas. 40x60cm

Particular portrait bust, of a aged bearded man with curled hair and folds, box wood carved with glass eyes; Central Europe 17th/18th Century. Dim...

Florentine artist around 1800, architectural subject with houses and a gallery, sepia on paper, signed bottom right with later collection number, ...

Lot 55

Marble column

Marble column, round cylindrical shape in black, white, brown and pink colours, polished on stepped white marble base. Dimensions: 26cm height

Johann Lingelbach (1622-1674)- circle, Guitar player in a Roman street, oil on wooden panel, framed. Dimensions: 24x36cm

Pair Baroque Armchairs with curved legs and armrests, the backseat with open work, richly carved on the seat with straw weaved with later bolster....

David Teniers der Jüngere (1610-1690)–attributed, Interior by a fire place with farmers, oil on canvas, dated on the drawing far left 1975; in a c...

Large Augsburg silver plate in oval shape, depended in the center and waved wide border, decorated with chased and engraved flowers, in the centre...

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669)-follower, Portrait of a Gentleman, oil on canvas, framed. 100X70cm

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