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Gothic Sculpture, of a male saint holding an open book, wood carved with original colours, probably Tyrol 15/16th century, 80 cm high.

Roman Glass Vase, pear shape, yellowish transparent glass with eyelets, parts missing, damages, 10 cm high.

Master of Misercordia (14th Century ) - Manner, wooden cross, Jesus in the centre, angel and descriptions partly pounced, parts missing, damages, ...

Two Oriental Knifes, polished blades, bone grips with intarsias, bronze shaft, 18th century, two items. 24 and 22 cm.

Netherlandish 16th Century, pilgrim in landscape with cross and church, oil on oak panel, 36 x 26,5 cm.

Short Knife in Renaissance Manner, canted blade rusty, bronze casted grip and shaft with rich decorations, 19th century, 30 cm long.

Iron Helmet in Ancient Manner, with face mask, ear and neck protection, peaked top, movable, damages, dirt, probably earth found Eastern Mediterra...

North Italian Artist around 1600, Christ carrying the cross, oil or tempera on wooden panel, framed, 54 x 40 cm.

Roman Sculpted Bowl, round shape, deepened in the centre with side spout, fluted border, two sculpted faces of Hermes surrounded by ancient battle...

Titian Vecellio (1488 -1576 )- Follower, Venus with Amor in landscape, large painting, oil on canvas in a 19th century gilded frame, damages, 120 ...

Provincial Roman Bust, of a female, noble lady, white marble sculpted, damages, probably Eastern Mediterranean, 3rd – 5th Century a.C., 20 cm high.

Adriaen Isenbrandt (1510 – 1551) – School, Madonna with child in a niche with window to a landscape and view of a palace, oil on wooden panel, on ...

Lot 13

Tibet Goblet

Tibet Goblet, copper work, remains of gilding, chased ornaments, verdis gris, 17/18th century, 15,5 cm high.

Pieter Gijsels (1621-1690 ) - School, village with peasants, oil on canvas, framed, 22 x 21 cm.

Ming Porcelain Bowl, round shape with blue painted ornaments on white ground, glazed inside, flower, China, 17/18th century, 14 x 7 cm.

Peter Paul Rubens (1577 -1640 ) - Follower, children, angel and lamb in landscape, oil on canvas, framed, 78 x 124 cm.

Austrian Cross, boxwood carved with Maria, Jesus, God father and the holy spirit, on the reverse wood carved with decorations and movable cross ch...

Guilio Romano (1499 - 1546 ) - Follower, female saints with dragon, oil on wooden panel, described on the reverse in a gilded wooden carved Renais...

Castelli Ceramic plate, painted family scene in landscape, glazed, 17th century, diameter 17,5 cm.

Bernardino Luini (1480 -1532) - Follower, Madonna with child and bird, oil on canvas, in a 19th century gilded frame, 90 x 72 cm.

Castelli Ceramic Plate , Adam and Eve leaving the paradise, painted and glazed, 17th century, diameter 18 cm.

Martin Teoflílo Polacco (1570 – 1639) - Attributed, saints referring the new testament in front of the sinners, oil on copper, probably bozetto fo...

Pietra Dura Medici Coat of Arms, multiple coloured marble intarsias on black marble plinth, 55 x 57 cm.

David Teniers the younger (1610 – 1690) - School, Flemish farmers reading a letter, oil on canvas, dated on the drawing on the wall left 1675, gil...

Apothecary Flask, ceramic blue painted and described on white ground, long neck with four eyelets, one damaged, 18th century, 33 cm high.

Jacob Jordaens (1593 – 1678) - Attributed, elderly couple, oil on canvas, framed, 65 x 85 cm.

Ceramic Tankard, with grip and pewter base scratched decorations, painted flowers on white ground glazed, probably Hungary or Slovakia 18th centur...

Jacob van Campen (1596 – 1657) - Graphic, shepherds in landscape, etching on paper signed in the stone, printed by V.Lefebre, in passepartout, 31 ...

Clerical Glass Beaker, painted and described, decorated with glass boarders, gilded, 18/19th century, 9,5 cm.

Jan Babtist Huysmans (1654 - 1716 ) - Attributed, pair of paintings with animals and shepherds in Italian landscapes in front of monuments, oil on...

Pair of Doccia Porcelain Plates, the evangelist Luke and Mark, white glazed on later red velvet boards, 17 x 18 cm.

French Renaissance Mortar, bronze cast with original patina, rich decorations, 16th century, 10 cm high.

Anna Selbdritt Sculpture, wood carved with rich falted cloths, original paint and gilding, possibly Swabian 19th century, 56 cm high.

Francesco Lavagna (1684 - 1724 ) - Attributed, still life with flowers, biscuits, fruits and porcelain, oil on canvas, on the reverse old descript...

Austrian Baroque Madonna, with child in falted clothes, sculpted sandstone, Lower Austria mid of 18th century, damages, 65 cm high.

Italian School around 1700, holy family with priest, oil on wooden panel, framed, 35 x 26 cm.

Austrian or Bohemian Artist 18th Century, Saint Michael with the dragon, oil on canvas, gilded and carved collectors frame around 1800, 62 x 48 cm.

Pair of Flemish Candle Sticks, round shape, stepped peak, screwable bronze cast with original patina around 1700, a pair, 40 cm high.

Lot 41

Celtic Sword

Celtic Sword, iron fluted blade, handgrip with pomel, possibly earth found, damages, 96 cm.

Ceramic Fruit Bowl, hand sculpted with multicoloured painted fruits in basket, scratched decoration, glazed, 18/19th century, 22 x 22 cm.

Juan Pantoja de la Cruz (1553 - 1608 ) - School, portrait of Phillip II (1527 - 1598 ), in court dress, colour chalk on paper framed under glass,...

Giacomo della Porta (1532 – 1602) - Model, fountain with turtles after the original on the Piazza Mattei; Roma, bronze cast with brown patina, the...

Paolo Veronese (1528 – 1588) - Follower, Jupiter and Antiope, oil on canvas, painted in oval, 45 x 35cm.

Pair of Persian Honourables, portraits in traditional dress, 18th century, oil on canvas, framed, 18 x 15 cm.

Lot 47

Russian Icon

Russian Icon, painted with multicolours, partly silvered, gilded Cyrilian inscriptions, early 19th century, 31 x 26 cm.

Pietra Dura Box, floral marble intarsias on black marble, ebonized wooden box with lid, Florence 19th century, 7 x 9 cm.

Dutch Artist 18th Century, idyllic landscape with travelers by a house, oil on canvas, framed, 53 x 76 cm.

Italian Artist around 1700, allegory with apostle healing the illness, oil on canvas, 74 x 56 cm.

Johann Baptist Straub (1704 – 1784) – Attributed, large female allegorical sculpture, wood carved with falted clothes, book and partly curled hai...

English Paravent, with three wings, mahogany with movable small side tops, open work, bronze, wheels, red velvet and coloured staple chase etching...

Lot 53

Memento Mori

Memento Mori, sculpted white and yellow marble on later black marble base, Italian 18th century, 14 x 16 cm.

Josef Feid (1806 – 1870) - Attributed, farmers by a house, oil on wooden board, signed on the bottom, framed, 42 x 52 cm.

Japanese Buddha, bronze cast with rich decorations, open work, gilded sculpture and engraved leaves on the bottom, 19th century, 30 cm high.

Artist First Half 19th Century, Venus with angels in fantastic landscape, colour etching on paper in gilded original frame, 20 x 26 cm.

Austrian Sculpture 19th Century, man of sorrows, wood carved with original paint on wooden cross, total size 76 x 38 cm.

Mars and Minerva, two allegorical bronze sculptures gilded, engraved, possibly French 18th century, on later round onyx bases, a pair, 20 cm heigh...

Giovanni Antonio Guardi (1699 - 1760 ) - Attributed, pair of flower still lifes in vases, oil on wood in original integrated open work carved and ...

Northern Sculptor 18th Century, Europa on the bull, bronze cast with original patina, 16 cm.

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