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Gothic Madonna France 14th/15th century Cast stone Height 60 cm

Daniel Mauch Ulm 1477 – 1540 Lüttich Workshop, attributed Female saint Lime wood, full round carved Original polychromy Masterful sculpture ...

High quality sculpture Brabant, Brussels? Ca. 1500 Carved oak wood Height 22 cm, with base 28 cm

Corpus Christi Italy Early 16th century On white marble cross Christ: Height 13 cm, width 13 cm Cross: Height 27 cm, width 16 cm

Leonhard Kern Forchtenberg 1588 - 1662 Schwäbisch Hall, Circle of Putti Fine wood carved figure group Original polychromy Height 18 cm, width...

Leonhard Kern Forchtenberg 1588 - 1662 Schwäbisch Hall, Circle of Putti Fine wood carved figure group Original polychromy Height 16 cm, width...

Trapani/Sicily 17th century St. John the Baptist Alabaster carved Masterwork Height 25 cm

Moving sculpture group Ringer South Tyrol Ca. 1700 Stone pine, carved Height 31,5 cm

Evangelist Luke Italy/Venice? 17th/18th century Bronze cast and engraved On a black wooden base Height 48 cm with base, width 20 cm, depth 16...

Mary or Anna with the boy Jesus South German 17th century Lime wood, masterfully carved Height 140 cm

Masterful sculpture Johann Peter Schwanthaler Ried im Innkreis 1720 – 1795 Ried im Innkreis St. Mary Carved limewood, original setting Height...

Christ child standing on a column Southern Europe, Spain/Italy 17th century Carved wood Original gilding Height 44 cm

Madonna Southern Italy Ca. 1750/60 Carved wood Original polychrome lustre paint Inscribed on the reverse: Napoli 1768 Height 53 cm

Fine baroque angel head South German Ca. 1750/60 Carved wood Original stucco finish Height 31 cm

Master sculptor South German Mid 18th century Stand cross Lime wood, masterfully carved Height 96 cm, Christ 43 x 27,5 cm

Pair of flying baroque putti Ca. 1880/90 Carved wood Original polychromy Height 69/68 cm

Hunting szene Sauhatz Ca. 1880 Copperrelief 39 x 31 cm Signed A.P.Krahl b.r.

Francois Duquesnoy Brussels 1597 - 1643 Livorno, Succession Sculpture after the antique Bronze hollow cast Beautiful age patina Height 38 cm,...

Relief portrait Emperor Vespasian Grand tour Ca. 1770/90 White marble portrait on porphyry in a gilded bronze frame Height 17,5 cm, width 12 cm

Moses After Michelangelo Ca. 1900 Bronze cast Height 16,5 cm Sideways, designated On the back, stamped

Business card shell Ca. 1900/10 Bronze cat sitting on green onyx bowl Length 25 cm, width 23 cm, height 22 cm

Wiener Bronze A Titze, Viennese sculptor ca. 1900/20 The Pierrot in love Ca. 1900/10 Bronze, original hand paint Height 20 cm Signed on the ...

Wiener Bronze Franz Xaver Bergmann 1861 – 1936 Arab with cockatoo Ca. 1900 Bronze, painted in color Stamped on the back of the base: Bergmann...

Wiener Bronze Franz Xaver Bergmann 1861 – 1936 Arab with baby tiger Ca. 1900 Bronze, original hand paint Stamped on the back of the base: Ber...

Wiener Bronze Ca. 1900 Arabian scenery Inside a lamp Bronze Hand paint Length 23 cm, height 20 cm, depth 13 cm

Wiener Bronze Ca. 1900 Water carrier Bronze Hand paint Height 10 cm, plinth 8 x 5,5 cm Stamped on the bottom: Bergmann

Wiener Bronze Wild Boar Ca. 1900 Bronze Hand paint Length 7 cm

Wiener Bronze Tiger Ca. 1900 Bronze Hand paint Length 12 cm, width 8 cm

Wiener Bronze Ca. 1900 Mousetrap Bronze Hand paint Length 6,5/8 cm, width 4 cm, height 5 cm

Horse Ca. 1900 Bronze on marble base Total height 22 cm, length 20 cm

Cowboy Ca. 1910 Bronze On an onyx base Height 29/21 cm, length 18 cm, depth 11 cm Signed on the plinth "CAHALKA"

Josef Lorenzl Vienna 1892 - 1950 Vienna Diana, goddess of hunting Bronze, patinated Height 47 cm, width 29 cm Mark: Signed on the plinth, Lor...

Symbolist art nouveau portrait after antiquity Ca. 1900/10 Warrior Bronze hollow cast Beautiful patina after antiquity Height 38 cm, width 34...

Viennese manufactory Friedrich Goldscheider Bust ca. 1900 Bronze Height 53 cm, width 41 cm Marks: Company stamp, 2326,61,17,F, Reproduction Re...

Elya Yalonetski Born 1973 Angel with violin Bronze, surface in antique patina and gold luster Height 23 cm, width 13 cm, depth 10 cm On the b...

Pietra Dura plate Italy/Florence? 19th century or earlier Fine floral stone inlay in a black marble slab Length 90 cm, width 40 cm

Six cryatids Renaissance style Ca. 1880 Carved wood Mounted on panel Each 80 x 19 cm Plate size together 134 x 85 cm

Top of a processional pole South German 18th century Gilt brass Figural & ornamental decorated Height 20 cm

Relief 17th/18th century Leather 19 x 14 cm, with frame 30 x 24 cm

Candlestick "Retour d'Egypte" Ca. 1900 Bronze, burnished & gilt Height 21 cm

Ram head after antiquity Cast stone 18th/19th century Massive, beautiful work according to antiquity Height 29 cm, width 34 cm

Desiderio da Settignano 1428 – 1464 Bust of a boy After the original in the KHM Vienna Neorenaissance Ca. 1890/1900 Ceramic, white stained &...

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