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A Mens Rolex Watch - Image 1 of 5
A Mens Rolex Watch - Image 2 of 5
A Mens Rolex Watch - Image 3 of 5
A Mens Rolex Watch - Image 4 of 5
A Mens Rolex Watch - Image 5 of 5
A Mens Rolex Watch - Image 1 of 5
A Mens Rolex Watch - Image 2 of 5
A Mens Rolex Watch - Image 3 of 5
A Mens Rolex Watch - Image 4 of 5
A Mens Rolex Watch - Image 5 of 5
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Goes, Zeeland
Model Oyster Perpetual 50m 90721 and 6530 with date steel strap 1960s case diameter 35 mm.
Model Oyster Perpetual 50m 90721 and 6530 with date steel strap 1960s case diameter 35 mm.

3 Day International Antique & Fine Asian Arts Auction

Sale Date(s)
Lots: 1000-2624
Lots: 3000-3478
Lots: 7000-9299
Venue Address
Livingstoneweg 18
4462 GL

For Veilinghuis de Jager delivery information please telephone 0031642114542.

Important Information


Terms & Conditions

Condition 1
1a These terms and conditions may only be deviated from by written permission of Veilinghuis De Jager Goes BV.
The Terms and Conditions are communicated to the auction visitors by a publication and/or an announcement prior to the auction either online or at the auction venue. Any participant in the auction states clearly, that in participating he/she fully accepts these Terms and Conditions.

Condition 2 Description of Goods
Veilinghuis De Jager Goes B.V. can not be held responsible for the accuracy of descriptions in the catalog any other statements, such as, but not limited to: type of wood, fabrics, alloys, ceramics, porcelain, diamonds, precious metals and the age of items.

Condition 3 Binding Contract
There will be a final sale when Veilinghuis De Jager Goes BV accepts the highest bid @ the fall of the hammer, then consequently agrees to sell to the highest bidder, now called the Buyer.

All items are sold 'as is', 'where is', and in the condition they are in at the time of sale.

Condition 4 Rights of Responsibilities of the Buyer
The buyer is solely responsible for payment in full, without being able to call upon another person.

4b The buyer is responsible for paying the hammer price + 35% Buyers Premium in addition to 2 euro per lot. Upon invoicing from Veilinghuis De Jager Goes B.V., payment is due in full within 48 hours. Payment methods accepted are bank wire transfer, cash payment not higher than 10,000 euro, or pin.
Ownership shall pass only upon payment in full. Any items not paid in full will be returned to the consignor on the 29th day after the auction. The purchase contract will then be null and void. Partial payments made on an invoice shall be deducted from the penalty mentioned in the article 4f.

4d Upon fall of the hammer, buyer is immediately responsible for all items. Veilinghuis De Jager Goes B.V. is not liable for any damage or theft that may occur after sale has taken place.
4e The buyer is responsible for collecting merchandise immediately after the auction unless otherwise agreed.
4f Should buyer not make payment in full within 28 days, Veilinghuis De Jager Goes B.V. shall charge the Buyer an immediate claimable penalty of 35% of the highest bid. Veilinghuis De Jager Goes B.V. is also allowed to claim extra compensation, should real damages exceed the claimable penalty. Please also see 6F concerning penalty and collection costs for non payment. Paying this penalty does not entitle the bidder to items, it will only release the bidder from further collection costs and legal expense.
VeilingHuis De Jager Goes B.V. may ship items at Buyers request and expense for a minimum handling fee of ?25.00 in addition to all shipping charges. However, VeilingHuis De Jager Goes B.V. is not responsible for any damage or loss of any items due to shipping. Each invoice will be shipped to 1 address. We will not ship items to multiple address.

6a Reserves the right to refuse service to Consignors or Bidders without a statement of reason.
6b Reserves the right to combine or split lots at their discretion.
6c Has the right to choose not to sell any item or stop the auction or sale.
6d Is allowed to rectify errors in administration or bidding process.
6e Can place bids on behalf of bidders and/or consignors.
Should the buyer fail to make timely payment of Veilinghuis de Jager Goes B.V. invoice(s), the buyer shall be in default without any further notice of default being required. VeilingHuis de Jager Goes B.V. shall be entitled to increase the amount due by adding interest on the basis of 1% per month as of the due date, without prejudice to its right to increase the amount owed by adding third party collection, lawyer, court and other recovery costs in terms of which such costs shall amount to at least 15% of the principal sum.


See Full Terms And Conditions

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