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Omgeving Pieter de Bloot (1601-1658) Old woman smoking. Not signed. Paneel (ovaal) 11,5 x 9 cm.

Anthony van Croos (1606/07-c.1665) Couple on a hillside with a village in the distance. Not signed. Doek 20 x 33 cm.

Hollandse School 17e eeuw Portrait of Roloff Lambertsz. (1550-1611), mayor of Kampen. Dated and annotated: Aº 1599 / ÆTATis SVÆ 49. Not signed. RK...

Omgeving Jacob Adriaensz Bellevois (1621-1675) Dutch man-of-war and other ships at sea. With added signature 'J. Bellevois' lower middle. Paneel 4...

Anthony Andriessen (1746-1813) Mountainous landscape with a traveller and his dog. Signed verso. Provenance: Paul Brandt, Amsterdam, 4 November 19...

Anthony Andriessen (1746-1813) Two drawings with cows in a meadow. Both works signed verso. Provenance: auction Paul Brandt, Amsterdam, 4 November...

Toegeschreven aan Wybrand Hendriks (1744-1831) Study of a kitchen maid. Not signed. Not framed. Annotation 'Wybrand Hendriks (1744-1831)' on the p...

Daniël de Bondt (actief 1659 - 1672) Italianate landscape with herdsmen resting under a tree with their flock. Signed lower right. Doek 101 x 75 c...

Toegeschreven aan Luca Giordano (1634-1705) Rebecca and Eliezer at the well (Genesis 24:22-25). Not signed. Rebecca receives a ring and two gold b...

Jacques Raymond Brascassat (1804-1867) Two cows in a sunlit stable. Signed middle right. Doek 31 x 44 cm.

Gustaf Wilhelm Palm (1810-1890) Conversation in an Italian bay. Signature lower right. Gemengde techniek 20,5 x 29,5 cm.

Willem Karel Nakken (1835-1926) Stable interior with two saddled horses and a dog. Signed lower middle on the wall. Doek 24,5 x 35,5 cm.

Hollandse School 19e eeuw Still life with peonies, shell and butterfly on a marble ledge. Not signed. Doek 29 x 23,5 cm.

Frederick Hendrik Kaemmerer (1839-1902) Allegories of Spring and Summer. Both works signed lower left. Gouache 48.5 x 25.5 cm.

Frederik H.C. Drieling (1805-1853) Valley with a watermill. Signed and dated 1853 lower left. Paneel 57 x 43,5 cm.

Adrianus Serné (1773-1847) Fishermen by a lake with a village in the distance. Signed lower middle. Paneel 46 x 62 cm.

Willem de Klerk (1800-1876) Rolling hills with a woman and cattle on a country road. Signed lower right. Paneel 46 x 66 cm.

Jan Evert II Morel (1835-1905) Landscape with figures by a bridge across a ditch. Signed lower right. Doek 25 x 32,5 cm.

Hollandse School 19e eeuw Portrait of an officer. Unclearly signed on the right. In the original frame. Paneel 23 x 18 cm.

Gerrit Adrianus van Oosterhoudt (1792-1834) Two pendants, portraits of Bernardus Johannes Cornelis Baron Dibbets (1782-1839) and his wife Julie Je...

Hendrik Dirk Kruseman van Elten (1829-1904) Landscape with two figures gathering wood. Signed with a monogram 'HKvE f.' lower right. Paneel 16,5 x...

Ferdinand II Wagner (1847-1927) Elegant lady reading in a corn field. Signed lower right. Doek 99 x 61 cm.

Johannes Fransiscus Hutten (1811-1891) The descent from the cross. Signed J. F. Hutten and dated 1853 lower right. Doek 148 x 105 cm.

Toegeschreven aan Geraldine Jacoba Bakhuyzen van de Sande (1826-1895) Still life with roses. Not signed. Annotation on a label: 'Fleurs', Rijksmus...

Jacobus Theodorus Abels (1803-1866) Winter landscape with horse drawn sled by a castle in the moonlight. Signed and dated 1849 lower left. Paneel ...

Ernesto Fontana (1837-1918) The friar's gift. Signed and dated 1874 lower left. Doek 59.5 x 47.5 cm.

Franse School 19e eeuw The gold-weigher and the soldier. Signed V. Bourdon lower right. Doek 64,5 x 49,5 cm.

Johannes Franciscus Hoppenbrouwers (1819-1866) Mountainous landscape with ruin, cottage and cattle. Signed verso. Not framed. Provenance: auction ...

Jan van Ravenzwaay (1789-1869) Stable interior with resting sheep. Signed and dated 1823 on the fence lower left. Paneel 20 x 27 cm.

Otto Eerelman (1839-1926) Woman seated by a river. Signed lower left. Marouflé 15 x 22,5 cm.

Henriëtte Ronner-Knip (1821-1909) Landscape with a dog by a wicker basket and hat. Signed H. Knip lower right. Paneel 13 x 10 cm.

Henriëtte Ronner-Knip (1821-1909) Mother cat and kittens playing with a bird cage. Signed lower right on painted label. Provenance: Simonis & Buun...

Pieter Alardus Haaxman (1814-1887) The farewell of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. Signed and dated 1855 lower left. In original frame. Provenance: D. J...

Franz Johann Wilhelm Hünten (1822-1887) Dutch sailing vessels on rough waters. Signed and dated 1873 lower right. Doek 47,5 x 97 cm.

Lot 126

Duitse School

Duitse School Winter forest. Signature lower left. Doek 89 x 139 cm.

Cornelis Raaphorst (1875-1954) Playful kittens on a table. Signed lower right. Doek 39,5 x 49,5 cm.

Henri Houben (1858-1931) Meadow with a shepherd and his flock. Signed and with annotation 'Anvers' lower right. Doek 98 x 133 cm.

Anton Kaulbach (1864-1930) Profile of an old lady. Signed with monogram lower right. Stamped verso 'Nachlass Anton Kaulbach'. Doek 31 x 28 cm.

Anton Kaulbach (1864-1930) Lady with ferronnière. Signed lower right. Doek 63 x 49 cm.

Lot 131



Anton Kaulbach (1864-1930) Lady with chrysanthemums. Signed lower right. Doek 85 x 65 cm.

Arthur Johan Severin Nikutowski (1830-1888) On the way to church. Signed and dated 1878 lower left. Doek 37 x 61 cm.

Henry Schouten (1857-1927) Resting cows and chickens in a barn. Signed lower left. Doek 49 x 74 cm.

Gerhard Arie Ludwig Morgenstjerne Munthe (1875-1927) Bomschuiten on the beach. Signed and dated '19 lower left. Doek 39 x 62 cm.

Gerhard Arie Ludwig Morgenstjerne Munthe (1875-1927) Fisherfolk by the shore. Signed and dated '14 lower left. Marouflé 39 x 49 cm.

Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg (1852-1924) Dutch flags in the Spuistraat of The Hague. Signed lower right. Aquarel 41,5 x 28,5 cm.

Rodolphe Paul Wytsman (1860-1927) 'La Meuse à Dave'. Signed lower left. Title, signature and date 'Automne 1912' on the back of the stretcher, as ...

Juliette Wytsman (1866-1925) 'Le pré fleuri'. Signed lower right. Doek 59,5 x 72,5 cm.

Willy Sluiter (1873-1949) 'Concours hippique, Den Haag'. Signed and dated 1906 lower right. Pasteltekening 37,5 x 30,5 cm.

Willy Sluiter (1873-1949) Conversing company at the hippodrome of Auteuil. Signed and dated '00 lower right and annotated 'Auteuil, Paris'. Pastel...

Augustus Osborne Lamplough (1877-1930) The colossi of Memnon, Thebes, Egypt. Signed and unclearly dated lower left. Aquarel 46 x 73 cm.

Frans Smeers (1873-1960) A day at the beach. Signed lower right. Paneel 28,5 x 38 cm.

Albert Marie Lebourg (1849-1928) Windmills on the route from Rotterdam to Overschie. Signed and dated 1896 lower left. Provenance: Paris, Expositi...

Marius Bauer (1867-1932) 'Oude bedelaar' (Old beggar). Signed lower left. Verso label of gallery E. J. van Wisselingh & Co, Amsterdam, nr. 1655 an...

Jan Toorop (1858-1928) Femmes raccomodant des filets de peche (Nettenboetsers). Signed and dated 1899 in the plate lower left. Signed and dated 19...

Hendrik Willem Mesdag (1831-1915) Fishing vessels by the shore. Signed lower right. Verso a label: 'Erinnerung krankheit S.M.V.H. (Sientje Mesdag ...

Anthonie Pieter Schotel (1890-1958) 'Sardiniers'. Signed lower right. Annotated Douarnenez, Bretagne, France on the back. Ca. 1936. Doek 80 x 80 c...

Anthonie Pieter Schotel (1890-1958) Volendam fishermen at sea. Signed lower right. Doek 78,5 x 98,5 cm.

Jan Cossaar (1874-1966) The portal of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Signed lower left. Doek 70 x 90,5 cm.

Cornelis Jan Mension (1882-1950) A lion. Signed lower left. Unframed. Paneel 35,5 x 27,5 cm.

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