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Five coins
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Five ancient bronze coins.  Cinque monete antiche in bronzo. 
Five ancient bronze coins.  Cinque monete antiche in bronzo. 

MILANO DECOR - Fine Art Auction

Sale Date(s)
Lots: 1-385
Venue Address
Via Guido Cavalcanti, 8

General delivery information available from the auctioneer

We work with some shipping companies and they can take care about the whole procedure

Important Information

MILANO DECOR - Fine Art Auction (n. 87)

When: 15th December 2022

Single session lots 1-385: from 2:00 pm CET
Short break between lots 234 and 235.

In this auction you can find chinese art, antiques and design furniture, paintings and sculptures spanning all eras and origins, carpets and rugs, watches, a great selection of jewelleries and many other interesting lots.

The starting price is usually equal to B.A. and raises are the onese shown in the table in "How to partecipate"-"How to buy" section. The auctioneer can at his own discretion vary the raises during the auction.

You can leave absentee bids (till the day before the auction at 1:00 pm), request a telephone line, bid live or take part to the auction in the room (only on request).

We are at your disposal for condition reports, to help you and to illustrate you how to take part to our next auction. Any statement regarding the artist, the date, the origin, the source and the condition is just an opinion and not necessarily factual. Potential buyers are encouraged to ask an opinion to their trusted experts. Lots may present imperfections, and signs of wear and tear of time even in case the words "defects", "flaws" or similar in the description are missing.


Our auction house does not provide packaging and shipping services. Nevertheless, we collaborate with shipping companies that can take care of the entire procedure, if the customer requests it. Potential buyers are also encouraged to ask for a shipping quote before taking part in the auction, especially the ones who live overseas.


It should be noted that it won't be possible to request condition reports and additional photographs after the adjudication of a lot.



From Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th December 2022

Opening hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm CEST - non stop

Terms & Conditions


Below are the general conditions of this website. For information regarding
your privacy, click here.

1. The Auction House is charged with selling the assigned lots in the name
of and on behalf of the Seller, whether an actual person or a company of
any kind. The effects of the sale, even in the case of inadvertent handling
or sale of goods from an illegal origin, is the responsibility of the
Seller, even when the Seller is a company of any kind. The Auction House
waives all responsibility in such cases, other than the instructions from
the Seller, and of the Buyer.

2. The sale goes to the highest bidder. The Auction House does not accept
transferal of the purchased lots to third parties. The Auction House deems
the successful bidder exclusively responsible for payment. Auction
participation on behalf of third parties must be communicated to and
approved in writing by the Auction House prior to the auction.

3. Valuations are purely an indication of price and expressed in Euros. For
legal sales such as repossessions, the valuations may be proceeded by the
letters b.a. (from the Italian base d'asta or "base price") that is the
minimum price at which a lot can be sold; val. (the price set at the lot
valuation set by the auction house); or o.l. (from the Italian offerta
libera or open to offers), whereby the lot is sold to the highest bidder
without a minimum starting price. The lot descriptions represent purely an
opinion and the Auction House is not responsible for any inaccuracies. Lots
may present imperfections, signs of wear and of the passage of time, even
in the absence of the word "defects" or similar in the description. Any
objections must be presented in written form within 15 days of the awarding
of the lot - if deemed a valid objection, the lot may be returned to the
Auction House, and the amount paid for the lot will be returned to the
Buyer without further objections or claims regarding the lot.

For all goods sold at auction, the relationship between Viscontea Casa
d'Aste and the Seller will close 60 working days after the end of the
auction. Upholding the application of the terms of decadence required by
law, once Viscontea have been paid by the Buyer and have paid the Seller,
any dispute must be made in writing and resolved directly with the Seller
who have authorized Viscontea to pass on their details when requested to
the Buyer.

4. Traditional auctions will be preceded by an viewing period during which
the sales director and his team will be available to answer your queries.
All objects are sold as seen on the viewing day. Potential buyers are allowed to consult or be accompanied by trusted experts during the viewing days.

5. The auction house can accept purchase commissions (written offers or
telephone offers) on lots sold as instructed by the Seller. The lots will
always be awarded to the lowest offer above all other offers and above the
reserved price. The Auction House though acting with maximum diligence,
waives all responsibility for any eventual errors that may happen whilst
executing telephone or written offers. The forms for written offers and
telephone offers should be filled in fully as per instructions in the How
to buy section. Bids with an unlimited offer price will not be accepted. A
valid identity document must also be provided and national insurance number
that will then be held by Viscontea on their register. In the rare case of
identical written offers, the lot will be awarded to the offer received
first by Viscontea.

Given the limited number of telephone lines, the Auction House reserve the
right to not accept a requests for a telephone call-back during the auction
from clients who have a track record of taking part in auctions without
demonstrating a real intention to buy (as judged by the Auction House).

Viscontea Casa d'Aste also offers an online bidding service via live
auctions marketplaces for bidders who cannot attend the sale. In completing
the bidder registration and providing credit card details, the Buyer agrees
with Viscontea Casa d'Aste's Terms and Condition.

6.The Buyer will pay an auction fee, for each lot, equivalent to 25% of the
final sale price after VAT and other tax obligations.

Please note that any lots purchased via live auctions marketplaces will be
subject to an additional commission charge on the hammer price, as written
in their conditions.

7. The Auction House reserves the option to in its own judgement to issue a
caution to anyone who wishes to take part in an auction - in person, via
written offer or telephone participation.

8. During the auction, the Auctioneer has the right to unite or separate

9. The lots are sold by the sales director. In the case of a dispute, the
disputed lot will be put back to auction in the same session, with a
starting price equivalent of the last offer received. Offers from the
Auction Room always prevail over identical written offers and telephone
offers. The Auction House, in such cases can use CCTV video and telephone
recording during the sale.

10. The total payment of the allotment price and the auction fees can be
immediately claimed by the Auction House. In all circumstances, the final
payment must be made within 7 days of the sale.

11. Bought and paid for lots must be collected within 15 days, unless
agreed otherwise with Viscontea Casa d'Aste and except lots for which it is
necessary to obtain the export license (for these ones 15 days start from
the moment in which the authorizations are ready). The auction house has a
collaboration with shipping companies that can take care of the entire
procedure, if the customer requests it. Following this period, the Auction
House will be except from all responsible for the safe storage and custody,
and any eventual deterioration of the goods. After the 15 day expiry, a
daily cost of storage of euro 10,00 per day will be charged. The goods will
also be transported to an external storage site at the expense and risk of
the Buyer.

12. The Buyers are requested to read and observe all laws relating to the
objects being purchased, and are requested to pay particular attention to
the law D.Lgs. 22.01.2004 n. 42 (c.d. Codice dei Beni Culturali - the law
on cultural related goods) and ss.mm. The export of goods is regulated by
the above law, Customs Law and Tax Law - which must all be followed. The
Auction House waives all responsibility concerning restrictions on movement
and export of the goods that the Buyer may come across.

13. In case of dispute with the Italian State, the Buyer and the Seller
cannot make a claim (inclusive compensation or repayment) against the
Auction House.

14. Any dispute will be resolved in the Foro di Milano.

15. These conditions of sale are automatically accepted by anyone taking
part in our auctions.

The e-mail address is info@visconteacasadaste.com
See Full Terms And Conditions

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