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FLEMISH SCHOOL OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURYLandscapeOil on canvas51 x 61 cm(Posed on a new canvas)

Flemish School. Mechelen. Late 15th century - Early 16th century. "Saint Roch" Carved, polychromed and gilded wooden sculpture. 36'5 x 14 x 7,5 cm...

Italian or Flemish School.  Beginning of 17th century."Crucifixion"Oil on copper.41,5 x 28 cm.

Hispano-Flemish school. 17th century."Madonna and Child".Oil on panel.57 x 46 cm.On the back an illegible handwritten text.

Oil on canvas, measurements: 50 x 40 cm, measurements with frame: 60 x 55 cm. Provenance: important private collection from Seville, Spain.

Oil on canvas. Canvas only measurements 90 x 65 cm, frame measurements: 100 x 75 cm

In wood with polychrome and fine gilding of origin, very good state of original conservation, without damage by xylophages. Arnao of Brussels (fl....

Oil on table. Measurements: 23 x 17 cm, framed measurements: 38 x 32 cm

Oil on panel: 57 x 38 cm, framed measurements: 79 x 60 cm. Origin: Spanish private collection.

Oil on canvas: 73 x 61 cm, framed measurements: 98 x 86 cm. Origin: private collection, Spain.

Oil on canvas. Framed measurements: 111 X 82, canvas measurements: 103 X 74 cm

Oil on canvas. Measurements without frame: 86 x 65. Measurements with frame: 97 x 76. Representing an old man with a child in an allegory of the f...

Oil on canvas, canvas measures: 169 x 114, framed measures: 191 x 136 cm

Oil on canvas, canvas measures: 140 x 110, framed measures: 177 x 146 cm

Good condition of original polychrome and gilding. Preserving all its original polychromy and with isolated remains of xylophages. Measurements: 3...

Oil on panel. Measurements: 90 x 65 cm. Framed measurements: 110 x 90 cm

Important oil on canvas, framed measurements: 67 x 50, canvas measurements: 57 x 40 cm

Oil on canvas, framed, framed measurements: 206 x 134, canvas measurements: 188 x 116 cm

Oil on canvas glued to cedar board, canvas measurements: 54 x 40 cm, frame measurements: 69 x 55 cm

Oil on board, framed, framed measurements: 75 x 60, board measurements: 67 x 52 cm

Spanish school, 17th century. The good shepherd. Oil on canvas. 47 x 70 cm.

FLÄMISCHE SCHULE DER MITTE DES 19. JAHRHUNDERTS "Fischverkäufer mit Waage" Öl auf Holz, HxB: 30/23 cm. rest. Rahmen, HxB: 42/36 cm. | FLEMISH SCHO...


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