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India & Asia interest - a collection of mid - late 19th century and 20th century Asian stamps. Indian issues to include 1954 4a blue & pale red SG...

China 1857-60, 1 clasp, Taku Forts 1860 (Drivr. Geo Cross. No. 7 Batty. 14th Bde. Ryl. Arty.) officially impressed naming, polished, otherwise nea...

Gold coin, 100 yuan, Emperor Kang Xi, China 1991, 999 yellow gold (fine gold), 11.23g, diameter 22.87mm, in capsule

Gold coin, 100 yuan, "25th Olympic Games 1992" with female basketball players, China 1990, 999 yellow gold (fine gold), 10.39g, diameter 22.84mm, ...

Gold coin, 100 yuan, Emperor Yan Di, China 1991, 999 yellow gold (fine gold), 11.31g, diameter 27mm, in capsule and foil sealed, unopened

A group of banknotes from Asia17 pieces, China, Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong, over 95 % condition 1/ uncirculated.

China, MING DYNASTY, Zu Yuanzhang, Da Zhong (1361-8), 10 Cash, 18.39g (H 20.45). About very fine £80-£100

China, EMPIRE, Chihli, Dollar, yr 24 [1898] (L & M 449; KM Y65.2). Cleaned, otherwise very fine [slabbed NGC XF Details, Cleaned] £600-£800

China, EMPIRE, Yunnan, silver sycee, ‘packsaddle’ type, late 19th or early 20th century, 67 x 37 x 16mm, 185.37g. Very fine, additional countermar...

China, REPUBLIC, Yuan Shih-kai, Dollar, yr 3 [1914] (L & M 63; KM Y329). Cleaned, otherwise good very fine [slabbed NGC AU Details, Cleaned] £80-...

China, REPUBLIC, Yuan Shih-kai, Dollar, yr 3 [1914] (L & M 63; KM Y329); together with assorted coins of Tibet (4) and Nepal [6]. First with small...

China, REPUBLIC, Sun Yat-sen, Dollar, undated [1927] (L & M 49; KM Y318a). Good extremely fine [slabbed NGC MS 63] £300-£400

China, REPUBLIC, Sun Yat-sen, Dollar, yr 23 [1934], 26.75g/12h (L & M 110; KM Y345). About as struck, lightly toned [slabbed NGC MS 65] £800-£1,0...

China, People’s Republic, Proof 35 Yuan, 1979, Year of the Child (KM 8). Brilliant, virtually as struck [slabbed NGC PF 66 Cameo] £400-£500

China, People’s Republic, silver Proof 10 Yuan, 1983, Panda series (KM 67). Virtually as struck; in presentation holder £1,500-£1,800

China, Shanghai, Keystone Royal Arch Chapter, Masonic Penny, 1871 (King 8008); USA, Nebraska, Omaha Chapter no.1, Masonic Penny (K 3865), Ohio, Ea...

Miscellaneous, Assorted coins and tokens of East Africa (9), East Caribbean States (2), Egypt (3), Eurozone (13), Falkland Islands (4), Finland (7...

Volksrepublik China - Gedenkmünzenset 4 x 20 Yuan 1996, The Three Gorges of Yangtze, Av: unterschiedliche Motive Bai Tempel, Qu Yuan Ancestral Tem...

Olympische Spiele - 2 Boxen mit insgesamt 60 Münzen, darunter u.a. China 10 Yuan 1994 Handball, 10 Yuan 1992 Skisprung, 10 Yuan 1995 Kickboxer, 10...

VR China - Sammlung von 25 x 15 Yuan, 1982/2007, Motiv PANDA, GOLD, je 1/25 Unze, insgesamt 1 Unze fein, hervorragend präsentiert in edler Holzkas...

Weltmünzen in GOLD / UNICEF - 1979, SELTENE Sammlung Internationales Jahr des Kindes, mit den Münzen Bolivien, 4.000 Pesos 1979, KM 199; Jordanien...


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