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Maritime.- French privateer defeated off the Scilly Isles.- Presentation label, engraved, c.85 x 90mm., small piece torn from right-hand side, rep...

A pair of Louis XVI vases in white marble with bronze fittings (57 cm)

A pair of vases in Sèvres porcelain 'galant couple' (35cm) (*)

A vase in white Sèvres porcelain (40cm)

Lot: a gilt bronze lamp by Meliodon (52 x 41 cm) and an art nouveau vase in bronze by Barbedienne (h26cm) (52cm)

Michael Harris (England 1979): vase in glass (40 cm)

An inkwell in bronze and marble 'Napoleon' (30x38x17 cm)

Statue in gilt bronze on a marble base 'female nude' (h 99 cm)

Clodion: bronze statue 'bacchanal scene' (h 38 cm)

Auguste Moreau: alabaster statue 'loving couple' (h62 cm) (*)

White pedestal in onyx with bronze fittings (107cm) (*)

A pair of bronze vases in Sienna marble and gilt bronze (32cm) (*)

Two Chinese vases in porcelain 'antiquities' (58,5 cm) (*)

A faience vase with oriental decor (48 cm) (*)

A Chinese jar with cover in blue and white porcelain (23 cm) (*)

Fat Buddha in Chinese blue and white porcelain, marked (20 cm)

Large bowl in Chinese eggshell porcelain (17x43 cm)

A silver incense burner (h 30 cm)(*)

A silver Art Deco chalice (h 25 cm)

A four-piece coffee set in silver, 800/1000 (h 32cm)

A silver four-piece coffee set, Wolfers (h 30,5 cm)

A case with 72 silver pieces of dessert cutlery, 19th century

Lot: two silver dishes (dia 27 cm)

Part of a cutlery set in silver and silverplate metal

A pair of Rococco candlesticks in polychrome wood (72 cm)

A pair of silver altar vases, 17th century (12x24x9 cm) (*)

An engraved silver box with 6 dishes, Japan (7x22x14 cm) (12x18,5 cm)

Four plates in Chinese blue and white porcelain, 18th century (26,5 cm) (*)

A Chinese vase in blue and white porcelain 'stylised dragons' (h 12 cm)

Three dishes in Chinese blue and white porcelain, 18th century (dia 28 cm)

Large vase in Chinese celadon porcelain (47 cm)

Gueyton: bronze statue 'pierrot' (48 cm)

Drouot: bronze statue 'pipe smoker' (52 cm)

Mantlepiece in gilt pewter 'mother with child' (62x50x18cm) (h65cm) (65cm)

A pair of gilt bronze candlesticks with crystals (h75cm)

Lot: bronze statue 'shepherd' and bronze pedestal 'putto' (27x20x16)(40x26)

Pair of Louis XV style candlesticks in bronze 'putti' (h58cm)

A pair of large Charles X candlesticks in gilt bronze, 19th century (73cm)

Pair of gilt bronze ewers (h 30 cm)

A pair of vases in Chinese celadon porcelain 'eight immortals' (h 61 cm)

Garlic head vase in Chinese blue and white porcelain, Kangxi period (19 cm)

Lot: 3 Chinese silver cigarette cases (11x8 12x8 12x9 cm) (*)

Lot: four Yixing teapots (h 5 to 8 cm) (*)

A dish in Chinese 'bleu poudré' porcelain, 18th century (dia 32 cm)

A gilt bronze chandelier with 6 branches (90x62cm)

French inkwell in marble and bronze (18 cm)

Camille Tharaud: Art Nouveau vase in Limoges porcelain (31,5 cm)

A glass Art Deco vase (h 26,5 cm)

Two vases in Delft earthenware, 18th century (44 and 45 cm) (*)

Three faience apothecary vases, 18th century (27 cm)

Lot: green marble pedestal with vase in pewter 'horses' (h112 & 49cm) (*)

Japanese bronze censer 'dragon' (62 cm) (*)


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