Winter Auction

by Auktionshaus Zwack

08. Dez 2018 13:00 MEZ (12:00 GMT) Live-Webcast-Auktion

Wichtige Informationen

19 % buyer's premium on the hammer price
19 % VAT on buyer's premium

3 % live surcharge plus 19 % VAT


AUKTION CONDITIONS AUCTION HOUSE ZWACK The bidder recognizes the following conditions: 1th The auction is open to the public and voluntary. The auction will be conducted in the name and on behalf of others. The item is numbered
admissions. 2th The items to be auctioned can be inspected during normal office hours beforehand. They are sold without warranty. Liability for open or hidden
defects is taken either from the consignor or from the auction house. On the part of the auction house is an authenticity guarantee in conjunction with
one or more expert reports given, the expert is always issued which the expertise, legally adherent. The auction house is not liable for expertise
which prove after the auction / private sale to be false. Adhesion in this case is always the responsible experts. 3th All data that are created via catalog, Internet presentation, written, or oral, or communicated, are carried out to the best of my knowledge and belief.
The auction house accepts no responsibility for discrepancies. The items are used. All objects will be auctioned in the condition in which they are
located if the bid. 4th The auctioneer has the right to withdraw the action objects to merge or to separate. 5th The bidders shall be allowed upon presentation of a valid passport, a bidder number. The auction house reserves the admission to the auction. 6th Bids can also be written, by phone or distributed via the online portal on the Internet. The object must be specified in the order with catalog number
and catalog description. If you are unclear is the catalog number. The contract must be signed by the bidder. The auction house is for the realization
and maintenance of the telephone connection not responsible, but the bidder. If the connection fails, the call price is automatically considered
necessary. Online bids can be made only after registration on our online portal, they are treated as written bids. Cancellation and return in respect of
distance contracts (§ 312b – CLC Germany) shall not apply. 7th The auctioneer determines the auction process and the rate of increase. The call is made to limit or estimate. Subjects without limit be called at the
discretion of the auctioneer. The auctioneer has the right to repossess the object of a bid and offer again overlooked when a bid submitted on time,
and it was immediately challenged by the bidder. (§ 2 Paragraph 4 German auction law) The Auctioneer may up to the agreed limit for the consignor
bidding without displaying it and independent of other bids submitted. If, despite no votes bid contract was awarded, the Auctioneer shall be liable to
the bidder only for gross negligence or willful misconduct. 8th A contract is awarded after three calls to the highest bidder. Enter multiple people from the same highest bid, gets the first bidder the contract. A bid
cannot be withdrawn and will expire if it is outbid. Telephone bids are equal floor bidders. 9th The surcharge amount is to be paid immediately after the auction. Telephone and written bidder must pay the full cost (surcharge + premium) within
5 working days of receipt of invoice. The auction house can ask for a deposit from unknown foreign bidders.. The threat against any damage goes
with the award immediately to the buyer. If payment is delayed, the auction house claim damages, the auctioned item at the expense of the
defaulting customers again, this consumer forfeits the rights awarded subject and liable for the shortfall in revenue and the costs incurred. On any
additional proceeds is not entitled. Invoices must be checked immediately upon issuance by the client, errors excepted. 10th Interest for late payment in the amount of 1% of the hammer price will be charged per month. 11th The buyer agrees to carry the auctioned item within 6 business days. If the item is not picked up, the auction house is entitled to request parking
costs. 12th The auction house only accept bids from bidders who are committed to strict compliance with § § 86, 86a (German penal code). By the auction
house, the bidder, supplier and visitors not comment on the contrary, they assert, all provided pictures, descriptions and information of the objects
from the period of 3. Reich, only to acquire for the purpose of science, research or teaching, the bidders are the defense of unconstitutional efforts,
reporting on events of current affairs, history or similar. (§ § 86, 86a German penal code) 13th If a bidder awarded the contract, he agrees to a commission of 17% plus VAT. Tax = 20.23% VAT payable. 14th Shipping: The goods can be sent upon request. The customer bears the cost of packaging and shipping. The auction house shall not be liable for
the shipping risk (damage, loss, etc.). 15th VAT refund for foreign customers: A tax refund is only possible if the auctioned item is subject to VAT. The tax of the commission is non-
refundable, because it is a tax on services provided in Germany. 16th Resale right: If there is to pay for any good resale right, the buyer has to pay an amount of 4% add VAT 17th The auctioneer may exclude persons from the auction, or from further participation. 18th For accidents during the inspection, auction and collection, the auction house is not liable. The operation of appliances is strictly prohibited. 19th All visitors to the auction shall be liable for damages 20th For accidents, damage to buildings, foreign objects, etc. the buyer is liable to occur during dismantling and removal of auctioned items. 21th German law applies, payment or performance shall be D- 91710 Gunzenhausen. Jurisdiction D- 91789 Weißenburg is agreed. 22th Should any of the above terms should be invalid shall not affect the validity of the other. R. Zwack GmbH - Division Auctions