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  • Dreifaltigkeitsplatz 175
  • Landshut
  • 84028
  • Germany

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Lid vessel Based on the historical model. Tin, engraved. Bez: "THERIACA MAGNA ANDROMACHI SENIORIS" Slightly best. H. 35 cm. The drug Theriak, a...

Three wide-rim plates 19th century hunched back. Two with identical rose brands, one with different brands. Tw. Rep., Polished. ø42 cm.

Set of three candlesticks Landshut, dated 1831, tin master (Bartholomäus) Pruckner. Three-sided volute foot on claw feet with a multi-segmented...

Los 4

Drei Platten

Three plates German, 18./19. Century tin. Round, slightly troughed flag with engraved owner's monogram. Signs of use. Marked. ø39 cm.

Los 5


bucket Tin. With bow handle, a mascaron dam. (loose). H. 19 cm.

A pair of lidded jugs 19th century. Conical, lid with coat of arms medallion, inscribed. 1838, as a thumb rest lion. With calibration marks. Re...

Los 7


plate Landshut, master Franz Xaver Pruckner, around 1825. Slightly troughed flag with profile edge. Scratch marks. With BZ, MZ. ø36 cm.

Jug 19th century pewter. Bulged, acorn-shaped thumb rest. Damaged. Marked. H. 25.5 cm.

Screw bottle South German, 18./19. Century. Copper, with a tin screw cap. Monogr. GHS (T) H. 20 cm.

Los 10


Screw can 19th century pewter. Quadruple swinging body with beveled corners, on the front a fluted coat of arms. Dam., Rest. MZ: "WG". H. 23 cm.

Los 11


Roller jug German, 19th century pewter. Lid with medal inlay, spherical thumb rest. Min. Marked. H. 24 cm.

Holy water wall fountain Around 1900. Tin. Wall cartouche with an engraved bird on a branch. Best. H. 29 cm.

Los 13


Bowl Tin. Slightly dam., Signs of aging. Unmarked. ø22 cm.

Two bowls 19th century pewter. Steep walls, one with an MZ: "Joseph Alois Tischer", becomes a master craftsman around 1848. Slightly damned ø30...

Two bowls Tin. Steep-walled, flag with owner's monogram. Marked. ø37.5 cm.

Bauchige Henkelflasche Lower Bavaria. Earthenware, dyed black, so-called black dishes. Neck with incised decoration. Easily best. H. 29 cm.

Los 17


Birnkrug Bunzlau, around 1800. Grippt, tin mount, cover with owner's monogram. Rest. H. 33 cm.

Los 18


Birnkrug Bunzlau, 18th century. Stoneware, glazed brown. Ribbed diagonally, with studded frieze, tin lid (loose, dam.), Dated 1795. Rest. H. 33...

Los 19


Birnkrug Gmunden or Lower Austria, around 1800. Faience, painted in colors. Hussar motif on the front. Tin lid with lovers medallion and owner'...

Los 20


Birnkrug German, 19th century. Faience, painted in colors, tin lid. Front sheet cartouche with monogr. "MZ". Dam., Rest. H. 18 cm.

Ironing pot with lid Kröning, 19th century. Earthenware, glazed brown speckled, lid speckled yellow. H. 26 cm.

Double handle shell Lower Bavaria, 19th century. Earthenware, glazed brown on the inside, green on the outside. Steep walls with a stepped mout...

Double handle pot Lower Bavaria, 19th century. Earthenware, green speckled glaze. Best. H. 24 cm.

Double handle pot Lower Bavaria, 19th century. Earthenware, dyed matt black, so-called black dishes. Wavy band frieze pierced at the neck. Best...

Los 25

Drei Krüge

Three jugs Bavaria. Earthenware. Green glaze with white polka dots decor or blue glazed ornamental decor, one colored gray. Cover H. 9-13 cm.

Los 26


Enghalskrug German, probably Hanau, 18th century. Faience, blue painting. Ribbed at an angle, stylized floral decor, tin mount. Rest. H. 29 cm.

Los 27


Figurenvase English. Ceramic, glazed in colors. In the form of a huntress (Diana). H. 31 cm.

Shallow bowl Bavaria, 19th century. Earthenware, material visible on the inside, outside wall glazed black and covered with wire mesh. ø41 cm.

Shallow bowl Lower Bavaria, 19th century. Earthenware, dark brown inside, glazed ocher outside. Cover ø43 cm.

Shallow bowl Kröning, 19th century. Earthenware, glazed light blue on the top. Easily best. ø39 cm.

Half-high handle pot Lower Bavaria, 19th century. Earthenware, glazed green with ocher-colored dots on the inside, brown-beige spray glaze on t...

Los 32


Handle bottle Lower Bavaria. Earthenware, dyed black, decoration scratched on the neck. Easily best. H. 32 cm.

Los 33


Handle jug Lower Bavaria, 19th century. Earthenware, green, translucent glaze. With spout spout. Best., Hole. H. 29 cm.

Los 34


Handle pot Lower Bavaria, 19th century. Earthenware, colored gray. Graphite line decor. Best. H. 22 cm.

Wedding couple and young family English. Ceramic, glazed in colors. Min., Small hairline cracks. H. 23-41 cm.

Small screw bottle Bunzlau, 18th century. Pewter screw cap. H. 24.5 cm.

Los 37


Circle Probably Salzburg, around 1720/30. Faience, colored painting on a white background. Bulbous bulging, pinched beak spout, Savona handle w...

Los 38


Circle Lower Bavaria. Earthenware, glazed brown, shoulder with green ribbed frieze, pressed spout. Cover H. 29 cm.

Manz, Jörg von Earthenware, ocher-colored or dark brown glazed with a shiny metallic effect, partly with running polka dots. Three parts: a vas...

Los 40


Roebuck head Kröning. Earthenware, glazed green. Best. H. 18 cm.

Screw bottle Saxony, probably Annaberg, 18th century. Earthenware, glazed brown, tin cap. Four reserves with saints in relief. Best., Loop eyel...

Screw bottle South German, 19./20. Century. Faience, painted in color. Square shape with troughed image fields, each with a Fatschenkindl motif...

Los 43


Teller Date 1831. In the mirror crown cartouche with owner's monogram, flag with motto. Best., Glaze defect. ø20.5 cm.

Los 44


Storage jar Lower Bavaria, 19th century. Earthenware, glazed mouth rim, two handles, pinched ring frieze, wire mesh (fragmentary). Cover H. 44 ...

Los 45


Roller jug German (Thuringia?), Around 1800. Faience, painted in color. On the front, Antonius with the baby Jesus, flanked by trees, tin mount...

Los 46


Roller jug Ansbach, 18th century. Faience, painted in color. Cartouche with deer motif on a manganese dotted background, tin mount. Crack, rest...

Los 47


Roller jug German, Crailsheim (?), 18th century. Faience, painted in colors. All-round cartouche decoration, flower motifs on a blunt manganese...

Los 48


Roller jug German, dated 1804. Faience, painted in colors, tin mount. Horse motif between trees. Hairline cracks, rest. H. 27 cm.

Los 49


Roller jug Schrezheim, 19th century Faience, painted in color. Quadruple cartouche with architecture on a background speckled with manganese, t...

Large water storage vessel So-called. Wassergrant ". Lower Bavaria. Earthenware, dyed gray. Pressed arched frieze. Cracks, traces of weathering...

Holy water wall fountain German, 19th century faience, blue painting. Crown worn by angels, upper end with winged angel head. Best., Rest. H. 3...

Holy water wall fountain Kröning, around 1900. With crucifix and twisted columns. Best. H. 19 cm.

Los 53


Wursthafen South German, around 1800. Faience, outside dark blue, inside glazed beige. Bulged, strongly ribbed walls, lid and standrign made of...

Two fireplace dogs English. Also known as puff dogs. Ceramic, partially painted gold and black, glass eyes. One with cracks. H. 35 cm.

Los 55

Zwei Teller

Two plates Strasbourg, 19th century. Faience, colored painting. In the mirror gallant lady or gentleman in rural terrain, flamed shell rim. Min...

Los 56

Zwei Teller

Two plates German, 18th century. Faience, blue painting. Fruit decoration with parrot and peacock decoration, one with a wavy flag. Best 22-22....

Allegory of spring Meissen. Two gardener children with a birdcage, flower garland and flower basket. Porcelain, painted in colors. Min. Blue sw...

Allegory of Marriage Meissen, model by Johann Joachim KÄNDER. Porcelain, painted in colors. Dam., Rest. Blue swords mark. H. 18 cm.

View cup with saucer Nymphenburg, 19th century. Porcelain, colored painting, gold rim. Front view of Munich. Rubbed, cup with crack, rest. Unma...

Four seasons putti Nymphenburg, model by FA Bustelli. White china. Min. H. 10-11 cm.

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