Antiquitäten & Militaria

by Auktionshaus Carsten Zeige

05. Dez 2020 11:30 MEZ (10:30 GMT) Live-Webcast-Auktion

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General Conditions of Sale

For the auction are subject to our following general terms and conditions. They will come into existence as part of the contracts. By participating in the auction and bidding, you agree to the following conditions. All conditions shall apply mutatis mutandis to the after sale.

First The company leads the index by auction as a mediator. The contract comes into existence with the seller. The offices of the company are Show performance for both parties.

Second The auctioneer is entitled to assert the rights of clients in their own name.

Third The descriptions are made in good faith and conscience. They, as well as oral statements made are or include any form of guarantee as defined in § 459ff. Civil Code (BGB). All items to be auctioned are second hand, so we refer here specifically to the possibility of preview. The auction for the auction lots are in the state in which they reside, without responsibility or liability for open or concealed defects. After winning the bid to complaints of any kind will not be considered. Anyone who asserts a claim, this has to be sent to the seller as a contractor.
Consignments are not possible.

4th Written purchase orders are scrupulously by the auctioneer, but executed without warranty. Bids have? to take place. Lower price will not be accepted. The maximum price you specify will be used only by the auctioneer to outdoing the other commandments in the context of increments.
Telephone bidders will be called before calling the desired position, if this very time there is a written order. Liability for transmission errors or for the conclusion of the telephone connection can not be assumed.

5th The auctioneer has the right to disconnect, to combine lots, to omit withdraw. The call begins with the ausgdruckten the catalog price. The surcharge will be issued when it is released after three-time call no higher bid. The auctioneer may reserve the bid. If a surcharge subject to change, so the bidders two weeks is bound to his bid. He does not receive within that period the unreserved auction, the bid lapses. For the effective date of the surcharge invoice meets the Additional written to the Bidder. The Auctioneer may reject the bid without giving any reasons, such as in written or oral bids from bidders unknown to him, if not paid before the auction, or similar guarantees have made adequate references. For multiple identical bids the lot shall decide on the contract. The auctioneer is entitled to the award which has withdrawn. This is especially true when one mistake right times higher bid has been overlooked.

6th Having agreed that the buyer is obligated to pay the purchase price to the company index. The purchase price consists of the bid amount and a premium of 23% (including VAT). The buyer will bear any costs for insurance, packing and shipping. The purchase price is payable on the hammer to pay in?. He is always in cash to be paid.

7th If the buyer's payment obligations despite a reminder, so he has to compensate the damages. The auctioneer has the right to auction the goods again, on more than anticipated, the buyer has no claim.

8th Items are awarded on the day to collect the surcharge. Having agreed that the risk in respect of the lot to the buyer. The delivery of the awarded items will only take payment of the purchase price. In the case of sending this is also done at the risk and expense of the purchaser. The auctioneer insured at the buyer the items to be sent against normal transport risks.

9th Should any of the foregoing provisions entirely or partially invalid, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless remain valid.

As long as catalog owner, auction participants and bidders will not express views contrary, they assert that they catalog and draw on the different objects from the period of the Third Reich only for purposes of civic education, protection against illegal endeavors, the arts or science, research, or of teaching, reporting on events of current affairs or history or similar purposes (§ § 86 a, 86 Penal Code). Show the company and its consignors, these items only under these conditions.

Information about breach of contract behavior - such as late or missed payment for partial or complete - we may make available other auction houses.