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Mahogany veneer on oak 2-piece 4-door cabinet with rosettes, profile frames on the doors and decorated crest, Louis Seize period, 244 cm high, 201...

Oak Empire Drents cabinet, 251 cm high, 172 cm wide, 58 cm deep (keys missing)

Mahogany veneer Biedermeier sofa with striped upholstery and stitching, Holland approx. 1850,220 cm wide

Coffee table with oval glass top carried by a bronze naked woman, 56 cm high and top size 139x80 cm

Mahogany Heldense dining area consisting of oval column leg table, 76 cm high, top 134x95 cm, with intermediate leaf of 44 cm and 4 classic armcha...

Walnut veneer on oak cabinet with straight hood rail, incl. 2 glazed doors with decorated molding, base cabinet b.u.2 drawers, 2 panel doors and s...

Teak Art Deco dining area with coromandel wood elements, consisting of table, 76.5 cm high, top 118x85 cm, with intermediate leaf of 50 cm, with 4...

Mahogany veneer sofa with stitching in front under armrests, with green mohair upholstery with copper tacks finished edges, 97 cm high, 198 cm wid...

Mahogany veneer on oak Biedermeier 2-door wardrobe with 5 drawers and richly decorated crest, 237 cm high, 140 cm wide, 56 cm deep (restoration ob...

Oak 2 door cupboard with hanging area, Hollandca. 1800.201 cm high (damage to moldings hood left and right side)

Art Deco hexagonal metal hanging lamp with stained glass depiction on glass panes, with fringe edge hanging from armatur with idem panes and black...

Walnut veneer table display case with faceted glass, mirror bottom and front flap, 79 cm high, 73x48 cm

Demi lune wall table with carved frieze in Louis Seize style, mahogany veneer top, 80 cm high, 120 cm wide, 45 cm deep

Walnut color 2-part display cabinet with beautifully carved decor with 2 doors and 4 drawers in the lower cabinet and 4 doors in the upper cabinet...

Mahogany veneer on oak Louis Seize style 3-door cabinet with stitching, rosettes, brass fittings and faceted mirrors in door panels, 3 drawers at ...

Mahogany veneer open bookcase, 203 cm high, 180 cm wide, 55 cm deep (bolts missing)

2 oak richly decorated Solomon columns, approx. 207 cm high

2-piece cherry wood china cabinet with white painted interior and carved crown on the hood, Germany ca. 1850, 245 cm high, 150 cm wide, 69 cm deep

Walnut double curved flap desk with beautiful interior behind the flap and standing on claw feet, Holland ca. 1900, 112 cm high, 118 cm wide, 57 c...

Mahogany veneer on oak game table with green inlaid felt top, Holland cas. 1820, unfolded 75 cm high, 73x73 cm

Oak gate cabinet with blackened accents, standing on ball feet and decorated with carved decor on the doors and in the frieze, Holland ca. 1675, 2...

Oak Gelderse 2-door pillowcase with stitching and rosewood veneer, approx. 1700, 201 cm high, 166 cm wide, 66 cm deep

Burr walnut and walnut veneer Louis XVI cabinet with contoured cap rail with decorated crest, w.o. molding, 2 panel doors and organ-curved 3-drawe...

Walnut cabinet with richly carved decor, twisted columns, curved cove and satar heads, 249 cm high, 160 cm wide, 57 cm deep

Dutch oak 2-door cupboard with richly carved decor, Holland approx. 1675, 190 cm high, 124 cm wide, 59 cm deep

Standing table lamp with white marble and ornaments with fantasy animals, ca. 1890, 168 cm high with a younger upholstered shade

Oak-fired and polychrome colored 2-part corner cupboard with 1-door display case curb with glazed doors 1-door closed base cupboard, 190 cm high, ...

Cast iron table with marble top standing on a three-track, 78 cm high and 37 cm diameter

2 richly decorated chairs with richly decorated leather back and seat and edges finished with copper tacks, early 18th century (restoration object...

Oak Renaissance style table, 71 cm high, top 80x55 cm

Mirror in pine black lacquered frame with silver richly worked edges with leaf motif and crest with grapevine decor, ca. 1900, 141 cm high, 80 cm ...

Walnut richly decorated 2-door display cabinet with round hoods, flower vase ornament, green upholstered back wall and 3 glass plates, 205 cm high...

Mahogany and walnut veneer adjustable shaving mirror standing on three beams, lowest position 134 cm high

Walnut veneer 1-door curved corner cabinet with maquetry flower still life in door and bronze fittings, 101 cm high, 50x50 cm deep (2 pieces of ve...

2-part Victorian walnut veneer cupboard with straight hood rail, w. 2 glazed doors and base cabinet consisting of 2 doors and 2 drawers, England, ...

Mahogany veneer flap desk, 19th century, 100 cm high, 96 cm wide, 47 cm deep (damage to the edge of the drawer front and discolouration of the ven...

Oak Mechelen richly decorated table with lion masks and garlands, 2 drawers, standing on claw feet, 76 cm high, top 160x90 cm, with 4 richly decor...

Oval oak table with several types of wood veneer and marquetry decoration, 70 cm high, 80x55 cm (some pieces of edge veneer missing)

Copper decorated standing table lamp with onyx leaf and upholstered shade, 176 cm high

Mahogany veneer on oak flap desk with marble top and 3 drawers, 19th century, 159 cm high, 116 cm wide, 53 cm deep (restoration object)

Mahogany veneer 2-door Biedermeier bookcase with decorated crest, glazed doors and blackened edges, 194 cm high, 101 cm wide, 45 cm deep

English walnut veneer on oak 2-piece flap desk with 2-door display case curb, 203 cm high, 100 cm wide, 48 cm deep

Mahogany veneer on oak flap desk with 4 drawers, nest with 8 drawers, door and open compartments, 19th C, 170 cm high, 108 cm wide, 52 cm deep

Copper 10-light double chandelier, 98 cm high, 57 cm diameter

Brass 8-light globe chandelier, 175 cm high, 74 cm diameter

Brass 6-light globe chandelier, 140 cm high, 68 cm diameter

Mahogany veneer on oak English 4-drawer flap desk with nest with drawers, mailboxes and door, 19th century, 113 cm high, 98 cm wide, 54 cm deep (v...

Walnut veneer 2-piece English flap desk with 2-door display case with glazed doors, brown leather inlaid flap, nest with door, drawers and mailbox...

Schwarzwalder wooden bench with 2 bears on both sides and armrest decorated with bear in the middle of oak leaves, 118 cm wide

Oak Neo Renaissance style table with stitching and marquetry piping, 75 cm high, top 76x54 cm

Dutch oak table on bottle legs, possibly 17th century, 52 cm high, 45x28 cm

Antique oak side chair with carved decor, Holland ca. 1850, backrest 93 cm high

Walnut Baroque style chair with rich stitching, control connection and green upholstered seat, back 121 cm high

Mirror in oak richly decorated frame, 85 cm high, 44 cm wide

Rosewood Art Deco armchair with stitching, monogram SP in hood, elephants on front armrests and colorfully upholstered back and seat, back 153 cm ...

Oak desk with 2 drawer units and green leather inlaid top, 79 cm high, top 122x70 cm

Shelf table made of veneer of various types of wood and copper open-sawn upright edges and blackened legs, 57 cm high, 54x43 cm

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