Dt. Kaiserreich /GOLD - Preussen Wilhelm I. 10 Mark 1872-A

In Münzen, Briefmarken & Historika

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Dt. Kaiserreich /GOLD - Preussen Wilhelm I. 10 Mark 1872-A - Bild 1 aus 2
Dt. Kaiserreich /GOLD - Preussen Wilhelm I. 10 Mark 1872-A - Bild 2 aus 2
Dt. Kaiserreich /GOLD - Preussen Wilhelm I. 10 Mark 1872-A - Bild 1 aus 2
Dt. Kaiserreich /GOLD - Preussen Wilhelm I. 10 Mark 1872-A - Bild 2 aus 2
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Dt. Kaiserreich /GOLD - Preussen Wilhelm I. 10 Mark 1872-A fast stgl., feine Kratzer.

| German Empire /GOLD - Prussia Wilhelm I. 10 Mark 1872-A, almost BU, fine scratches.
Dt. Kaiserreich /GOLD - Preussen Wilhelm I. 10 Mark 1872-A fast stgl., feine Kratzer.

| German Empire /GOLD - Prussia Wilhelm I. 10 Mark 1872-A, almost BU, fine scratches.

Münzen, Briefmarken & Historika

Ort der Versteigerung
Heilbronner Straße 9-13

Auf Anfrage/on demand

Wichtige Informationen

Aufgeld bereits im Zuschlagspreis enthalten Differenzbesteuerung, MwSt. enthalten, aber nicht ausgewiesen, nicht erstattbar. Buyer's premium already included in the hammer price VAT margin scheme, VAT included, but not indicated and not reclaimable.


Our original catalog and item descriptions are in German. This is a courtesy translation. Only the German version is legally binding. If there are any differences in the wording, interpretation, or meaning of the German and English versions, the German version shall prevail. For full original text please see our website at www.eppli.com.

The following conditions apply to auctions and store purchases, as well as purchases made through the online shop. The Eppli Auction House auctions and sells items in the name of and on behalf of the consignor (client). The Eppli Company is authorized to act on behalf of the consignor in all matters relating to the auction or sale of the consigned items.

The items to be auctioned are second-hand and are available be inspected and tried on prior to the auction. The Eppli Auction House (as the vendor) shall not be liable for any defects in the goods. All information and descriptions of the items do not represent a guarantee.
In accordance with § 459 BGB.

The auctioneer can combine lot numbers, separate them, withdraw them, or call them out of order. He ultimately decides on the acceptance or rejection of a bid.

Eppli Auction House shall not be liable for errors. The liability is restricted to intentional and gross negligence of the company, including all employees and agents (e.g. defects of title, noncompliance, impossibility of performance, failure to fulfill a contract, illegal activity).

The submission of an online, absentee, telephone or personal bid and the acceptance of it constitutes an irrevocable purchase contract, which includes the acceptance and payment of the bidded price plus premium. In the case of a disagreement over the contract or an overlooked bid, the auctioneer will decide whether to declare the contract null and void and auction the item again.

If the contract is awarded, all risks are assumed by the successful bidder (e.g. risk of accidental loss or deterioration). Ownership is only awarded after the complete payment of the closing price as well as the buyer's premium.

The Buyers Premium is included in the hammer price.

The purchase price is due within 7 days and the items must be collected (at the auction site within 3 days).

In the case of delayed payment, a reminder is sent and a late fee of 3% is charged. If there is continued delay in payment, the Eppli Company can demand the fulfillment of the contract of sale or claim damages for non-performance. The items can be placed in another auction and sold there. Any losses arising from this sale, such as the costs and fees of the new auction, will be charged to the defaulting bidder. With the new sale, the rights of the defaulting bidder from the previous auction are revoked.

If the buyer is delayed in the collection of their purchased item(s), a storage fee of 5 Euros per lot per day plus taxes will be charged. The collection of items placed in storage is only possible with a confirmed appointment.

These conditions apply to all locations (Stuttgart and Leinf.- Echterdingen), as well as to all auctions and sales conducted on site.

Place of execution and jurisdiction is Stuttgart. German law applies.

Those in possession of our catalogue, auction participants, and visitors and buyers of post-auction items assure that - unless declared otherwise - that all items described or pictured in the catalogue or displayed in store from the third reich are only for the purposes of public education, the resistance of unconstitutional endeavors, as art or academics, for research or instruction, reporting of history, or similar purposes (§§ 86a, 86 Strafgesetzbuch). The auction house and its consignors offer these items only under these conditions and release them only under these conditions.

Should any conditions become invalid, in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining conditions shall remain unaffected.

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