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Sano di Pietro (1406-1481)-manner, Madonna with child, tempera on gold ground on wooden panel; 50,5x31,5 cm

Ancient stone capital, sculpted with classical ornaments; weathered, on later iron base; 55cm total height; 35x35cm

Fra Carnevale (1445-1484)-follower, The Annunciation, oil or tempera on wooden panel; 35x38cm; framed.

Ancient stone capital, sculpted with classical ornaments; weathered, on later iron base; 55cm total height; 33x38cm

Hans Kemmer (1495-1561)-school, Maria with child, oil on wood, 40x27cm.

Etruscan sculpture of a woman, with folded clothes; sculpted lava stone; parts missing. 52cm height

Umbrian School 16th Century, Madonna with child, fresco converted to canvas, natural colours on stucco converted to canvas, laid down on canvas, f...

Male torso in ancient manner, sculpted marble, damages, on later ebonised base; total size 58cm.

Duccio di Buoninsegna (1255-1318)-circle, Madonna with Child, angels and priest; tempera on gold ground and wooden panel, on the reverse old descr...

Venetian school 16th Century, Maria with Jesus and Saint John in landscape; oil on wooden panel, framed, on the reverse old description and dated ...

Triangle shaped stand, bronze cast with figures, in ancient manner; verdigris; 20cm height.

Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530)-follower, Jesus with Halo, oil on canvas, laid down on board. 53X41cm

Boca della Veritá, finely sculpted Istrian chalk stone, with figural and ornamental decorations; in ancient manner, in the centre water hole, some...

Bernardo Parentino (1437-1531)-manner, The Agony in the Garden, oil on board or panel, framed. 43X30cm

Ancient marble head of a woman, with draped hair; sculpted white marble, parts missing, on later quadratic stone base; possibly 2th/3th Century A....

Italian school 16th Century, male portrait, oil on wood, 25,5x21 cm

Bronze jug in ancient manner, in shape of a female head, with spout and round base; bronze cast with verdigris; 20cm height.

Jan Brueghel the Younger (1601-1678)-school, Landscape with travellers, oil on canvas, framed 45x70 cm

Bronze jug in Pompeian style, pear shape with ornaments and tiger hand grip; bronze cast with original brown patina; 19th Century. 19Cm height

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Powder horn

Powder horn, richly engraved with horse rider and decorations on bone, iron bottom and lid missing; German 17th Century 36 cm height

Young boy in Pompeian style, bronze cast with original patina, in ancient manner, on round base; 19th Century; 65cm height

Satyr after the ancient in Pompeian style, bronze cast with original patina; 82cm height.

Alexander Keirinx (1600-1652), Hunters in the forest, oil on oak panel; 15x30cm

Luca della Robbia (1400-1481)-manner, Terracotta relief of the Virgin with Jesus and Saint John, and angels; inscribed La Nativita; 55x45cm

Jacob de Gheyn (1565-1629)-manner, Memento Mori, oil on oak panel, framed. 21x26 cm

South German box, octagonal shape with lid, feet and handgrips; copper chased with angel and ornamental decorations; lock partly silvered and gild...

Jacopo Tintoretto ( 1518-1594)-follower, Portrait of a man in front of landscape, holding a pair of compasses; oil on board on wooden panel, frame...

Los 30

Silver tazza

Silver tazza in Renaissance manner, round shape with chased animals and leaves, in the lower centre a deer; 104g; 12x3.5cm

Ambrosius Bosschaert (1573-1621)-school, Flower still life in Chinese vase, with mussels and insects; oil on copper, framed. 28X20cm

Pair of lying lions with waved hair; weathered, stone or stone cast; probably original from a staircase gallery; 25x14cm

Willem Claeszoon Heda (1594-1680)-school, Still life with meat, nuts, glasses and silver baker on a draped table; oil on wooden panel, signed bott...

Renaissance sculpture of the God Mars, bronze cast gilded, on ebonised wooden base, 16th/17th Century. Total height 14cm

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (1483-1520)-after, Angel with devil, oil on canvas, framed; 130x85cm.

Venetian stone relief, of the winged St Mark’s lion; half relief in white marble with red marble intarsias; quadratic shape; hand sculpted; 18th/1...

Bernardo Strozzi (1581-1644)-circle, Portrait of a man looking to the side; oil on canvas, framed. 100X80cm

Galeazzo Mondella known as "Moderno" (1467-1528)-after, Bronze plinth, with original patina, Samson and the Philistines; in wooden ebonised frame;...

Giovanni Battista Salvi (1609-1685)-follower, Praying Madonna, oil on wooden panel; 30x25cm, framed.

Baroque sculpture of King David with the harp, crowned, in folded baroque dress; fine wood carving with original colours, partly gilded; small dam...

Flemish School around 1700, Danae, oil on wooden panel. 32X40cm

Giovanni da Bologna (1529-1608)-school, Venus, bronze cast with original patina, probably with some other old restorations in different metals; on...

Gherardo Poli (1676-1740), Travellers by a harbour, oil on metal, framed. 23X31cm

Baroque goblet, round stepped form, copper gilded with silver gilded wine grape and flower chased decorations; Austrian 18th Century. 26Cm height.

School of Prague 18th Century, Venus with Cupid. 28X21cm; framed.

Hungarian silver baker, conical shape with four engraved medallions with animals and farmers and border frieze, old restorations, bottom marks. We...

Artist 18th/19th Century, Female portrait, oil on wooden panel, damages. 59X39cm

Pair of Florentine lions in standing position with coat of arms, Portland stone, weathered, a pair; 55cm height.

Adriaen van Stalbemt (1582–1662)-attributed, Maria with Jesus, Josef and Saint John in landscape, oil on canvas, framed. 60X85cm

Montelupo ceramic dish, round shaped with lowered centre, painted soldier in landscape; glazed; 18th/19th Century. 31Cm diameter

Frans Snyders (1579-1657)-follower, Large still life with parrot, monkey and a maid, oil on canvas, framed. 180X120cm

Pair of Deruta ceramic dishes, round shape, in the centre with male and female portraits, surrounded by flowers and fruits; glazed; a pair; 18th/1...

David Teniers the Elder (1610–1690)-attributed, Gambling soldiers, oil on wooden panel, framed; monogrammed bottom right. 52X66cm

Urbino ceramic dish, round shape, painted with Actaeon with three graces, in landscape, multicoloured painted and glazed; on the reverse described...

Simon Vouet (1590-1649)-school, Portrait of a flute player, oil on oak panel, frame not included; 43x34cm

Classicist around 1800, Alexander de Great and Diogenes, black ink painted in grisaille technique and sepia on paper, framed, under glass. 46x82 cm

Sundial in Renaissance style, cartouche shape with sculpted masks and dial, iron finger, in multicoloured marble; 19th Century. 75X85cm

Castel Durante Large ceramic dish, round shape, with multicoloured painted goddesses in the centre, angels and flowers, glazed; 17th/18th Century...

Italian artist 18th Century, Mother with child, oil on canvas. 42X58cm, framed.

Pair of Austrian baroque candle sticks, very fine wood carving with angel heads, acanthus leaves and scrolls, original iron peaks and tazzas, a pa...

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