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With sculptural group in patinated bronze and base in ebonized wood. Measurements: 64 x 58 x 26 cm

Exceptional example of Hispano Philippine colonial art from the 18th century, where Christ in ivory can be seen in the first place, crowned with t...

Exceptional polychrome wood carving. José de Mora (Baza, Granada, 1642 - Granada, 1724), son of the sculptor Bernardo de Mora, was trained in his ...

Exceptional patinated bronze sculpture. Mary Magdalene is mentioned, both in the canonical New Testament and in various apocryphal gospels, as a d...

Large oil on canvas, with a donation inscription in the name of the Master Félix de la Vega, Knight of the Order of Santiago.

In cedar and rosewood, with tortoiseshell inlays, measures: 37.5 x 16.5 x 17. ...[more]

Exceptional New Spain banner from the 18th century, possibly Veracruz, made on canvas painted on both sides, on one side Christ, Man of Dolores, i...

Exquisite pair of finely carved gilt bronze plates, with Spanish silver frames from the 18th century. Possibly they were formerly part of tabernac...

Bearing Rose coat of arms, finely decorated in famille rose enamel, good condition, without hairs and with some side wear, another example in the ...

In porcelain, enameled "blue bleu" and with fine vine motifs on a golden background in the center, due to its exceptional quality, it would be an ...

Oil on canvas, framed. With the poem "Life is a dream" by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. We find ourselves before an interesting composition in the "...

In wood and cast iron. Related works: "L'art del ferro. Santiago Rusiñol i el col-leccionisme del seu temps. Ajuntament de Sitges y Generalitat de...

Italian school, 17th century. Follower of Giovanni Battista Salvi Il Sassoferrato.The Virgin in praying. Oil on canvas. Relined. 57 x 53 cm.

Spanish school of the 18th century. St Geronimo. Oil on canvas. 102 x 80 cm.

Colonial School, Mexico, 18th century. The Baptism of Christ. Oil on copper. The work shows an idealized landscape in the background and Saint Joh...

Italian school, 16th century. Saint Louis of Toulouse. Oil on panel. 121 x 60 cm.

Colonial screen with three leaves in wood and leather painted with floral decoration and birds. Mexico, 18th century. 197 x 168 cm.

Colonial silver mitered salvilla on four feet representing anthropomorphic figures. With marks of Mexico and contrast of the assayer Diego Gonzále...

Dutch school 17th century. Basketmaker. Oil on canvas. 88 x 67 cm.

Dutch school of the 18th century. Elderly woman counting coins. Oil on canvas. Reengineered. 103 x 83 cm.

Spanish school of the seventeenth century. Angels Oil on canvas. Reengineered. 166 x 125 cm

Italian school of the seventeenth century. Girls in the stable. Oil on canvas. Reengineered. 160 x 100 cm.

Spanish school, 16th century. Saint Ildefonsus. Oil on panel. 116 x 167 cm. Damages.

Italian school of the seventeenth century. The Visitation. Oil on panel. Inscription on the back. From a compositional point of view, it is inspir...

Colonial school, Mexico, 19th century. Guadalupe's Virgin. Oil on canvas. Signed Ysauro G. Cervantes. The Virgin represented in the center of the ...

Italian school of the 18th century. Virgin with Child. Oil on canvas. 32 x 26 cm.

Colonial school, Mexico, 18th century. The Coronation of the Divine Shepherdess by the Holy Trinity. Oil on canvas. Represents the Virgin under th...

Very important sculptural group in carved ivory, with an ebony base. Measurements: 36 x 8 cm

Oil on canvas Composition of great pictorial quality where you can see Santa Ana teaching the Virgin Mary to read. Italian school of the 18th cent...

Alabaster sculpture, with remains of golden polychrome, measures: 31.5 cm alt.

Sculpture in gilded wood, with pedestal, Italy, 18th century. Measurements: 30 cm alt.

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