Silver tea kettle & creamer

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Silver tea kettle & creamer
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Silver teapot and creamer, 934/000, Gemekrt Bonebakker and son. Oval shaped teapot with a gold handle and a lid with a soldered flower element. Placed on an oval foot. And a matching milk jug with a twisted edge and placed on an oval foot with a handle of fillet processing, is somewhat crooked. 24x12x11cm and 14x8x11cm. about 602 grams. MT.: A.Bonebakker, Amsterdam, jl.: e:1864. In good condition.
Silver teapot and creamer, 934/000, Gemekrt Bonebakker and son. Oval shaped teapot with a gold handle and a lid with a soldered flower element. Placed on an oval foot. And a matching milk jug with a twisted edge and placed on an oval foot with a handle of fillet processing, is somewhat crooked. 24x12x11cm and 14x8x11cm. about 602 grams. MT.: A.Bonebakker, Amsterdam, jl.: e:1864. In good condition.

Art, Design & Antiques Auction | Kunst, Design & Antiquitäten Auktion

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In-House shipping for packages. Also assistance for larger items/courier contacts.

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Viewing Days:
08-04: 10:00 - 17:00
10-04: 10:00 - 18:00

Phone: +0031 534351488
Mail: info@twentsveilinghuis.nl


The sale of auction goods takes place in Enschede in our auction building at Weerseloseweg 355, against cash payment or pin transaction, where the premium is 28%, including VAT and € 1.00 number money is also charged for each purchased lot. The sale takes place in the state in which the lots to be auctioned are located and will have to be accepted by the buyers in the state in which they are on delivery, without any advertising being possible about the authenticity, quantity, description, size, hidden or visible defects, errors, for whatever reason.Recourse is in no way possible, buyers must at all times accept the purchased, reduction or refund of the purchase price is excluded. The auctioneer reserves the following rights:

1. He can refuse persons who refuse to identify themselves or for any other reason, without further explanation on his part, as a bidder or buyer.

2. He can change the order of auction, combine lots, split, remove from auction or add, re-auction in the event of a dispute, recover from mistakes made, cease lots, claim full or partial payment for lots immediately after award. If a buyer refuses or is unable to pay, the auctioned item is immediately resold. He can sell goods one bid below the limit agreed with the seller

Bidders cannot hide behind clients and are jointly and severally liable for what they buy. After allocation, the purchases are entirely for the account and risk of the buyers. If a buyer fails to pay the purchase price, the purchase price will be collected by legal means, whereby all judicial and extrajudicial costs will be borne by the negligent buyer. Lots are only then issued or may only be transported after they have been paid in full, including auction costs, or whatever other costs. Payment is made by means of legal means of payment.The period within which payment must be made has been irrevocably set by the auctioneer, but always takes place within 5 days after allocation; debt comparison or discount is excluded. If the payment term is exceeded, regardless of the amount of the bill, € 25.00 per day in storage costs will be charged, whereby Twents Veilinghuis also has the right to terminate the purchase agreement. The goods in question can be re-auctioned privately or in a subsequent auction, the negligent buyer is liable for the lesser revenue and all other costs ensuing therefrom.Visitors entering the building or grounds do so at their own risk and cannot in any way hold the owner or seller liable for an accident that happens to them. Damage caused by visitors to exhibited goods, or to furnishings or buildings, is at the expense of the person causing the damage. Purchased lots can be sent at the request of the buyer at the expense and risk of the buyers, whereby shipping costs, insurance and packaging costs are borne by the buyer. Disputes arising from sale are decided by the auctioneer, this decision is irrevocable. Buyers cannot rely on the unfamiliarity of these terms and conditions or any other use of the auction, nor can they make a claim against the auctioneer or one of his employees, or the bailiff / notary.

Paintings : When bidding on paintings you only bid on the painting itself.The possible list is included as a gift.

Bidding by phone:
Provided it is indicated that the buyer wants to bid by telephone, the starting price of the lot will automatically be included in the auction as a pre-bid of this telephone bidder.

Shipping terms:
To be able to serve everyone, we offer shipping options within Europe.

• The packages are sent by order and at the risk of the buyer.
• Max dimensions incl. packaging NL: 100x50x50cm.
• Max dimensions incl. packaging Abroad: 100x50x50cm.
• The amounts mentioned are for packages with a value up to € 500.00

Please note that even with online public transport bookings it may take a few days for an amount to appear on our account.Only after receipt of payment will the package be packaged and sent.

Shipping within the Netherlands:
Package 0-10 KG: € 20,00
Package 10-20 kg: € 25,00

Shipping within Germany:
Package 0-10 KG: € 25,00
Package 10-20 kg: € 35,00

Shipping costs within EUR1:
Package 0-10 KG: € 45.00
Package 10-20 kg: € 55.00

Shipping costs within EUR2:
Package 0-10 KG: € 55.00
Package 10-20 kg: € 60.00

Shipping costs within EUR3:
Package 0-10 KG: € 55.00
Package 10-20 kg: € 65.00

Shipping costs World
Package 0-10 KG: € 70.00 - € 125,00
Package 10-20 kg: € 125.00 - € 175,00

For packages with a value above 500 euros and / or dimensions outside the specified maximum size, you can contact us

Conditions for consigning:

General contributor conditions on which goods are accepted for public sale of goods, by / on behalf of Twents Veilinghuis in Enschede.

1. Under these terms and conditions:
Seller: Twents Veilinghuis
Contributor: the person in whose name the goods have been introduced
Auction: any (public) auction that is held or carried out by or on behalf of the seller.

2. These conditions apply to all parts of the relationship between seller and contributor. These conditions can only be deviated from in writing.
All prices are exclusive of sales tax and other levies that can be imposed by the government.

3. For all goods delivered to the seller, it is assumed that, subject to other instructions, no minimum price (limit) applies. The contributor authorizes the seller to sell the contributed goods under auction conditions and conditions to be determined by the auctioneer, as well as on a date to be determined by the seller. The seller reserves the right to refuse goods without stating reasons and may refrain from selling goods at any time.

4. The seller determines when the goods will be sold. Hereby the interests of the contributor will be taken into account as much as possible. If, on the instructions of the contributor, the goods may not be auctioned, the seller will charge the contributor custody fee and / or storage costs.

5. Contributors are entitled to withdraw an auction contract at any time. In this case, the seller reserves the right to levy 40% of the amount according to the agreed limit.

6. Goods can be limited for the auction. The order for this must be given in writing by the contributor. If the set price is not achieved, the contributor will owe (withdrawal) costs in accordance with the rate set out below in Article 7. If the goods are purchased again at an auction by or on behalf of a contributor, the seller will be entitled to charge both the purchase and the sale price.

7. The sales commission of 30% (unless otherwise agreed in the auction order) is calculated on the revenue, with a minimum of € 3.50 per lot. The costs for cancellation are € 3.50 per lot. Paid advances and / or out of pocket costs, such as gold and silver tax, transport and / or shipping costs, are always for the account of the contributor. For transport of goods carried out by staff from / on behalf of the seller, a previously agreed fee will be charged.Costs incurred at the request of the contributor in connection with the issuance of a catalog can always be charged to the contributor. Settlement and payment will take place as much as possible within 4 weeks of the day of sale. In the event that a buyer fails to pay and / or collect the goods purchased by the buyer, the sale transaction must be regarded as not having taken place in relation to the contributor.

8. The goods will be treated by the seller with the greatest possible care. Until the moment of transfer to the buyer by the seller, all risks remain for the account of the contributor. The seller is not liable for any loss or damage to the goods, unless the seller can be blamed for intent and / or gross negligence. The contributor is liable for all damage caused by the submitted objects.

9. The contributor must identify himself at the seller's first request. The contributor guarantees the authenticity of the introduced goods and also guarantees that he is the owner or otherwise entitled to offer the items for auction and indemnifies the seller against all claims from third parties. The contributor is obliged at the first request of the seller to provide information regarding the origin of the goods to the auctioneer and to substantiate this with evidence. The contributor is liable for damage that is the result of providing incorrect or misleading information and / or other circumstances attributable to the contributor and indemnifies the seller against all claims from third parties. The contributor declares that the sale at auction of the objects is not impeded by national or international legal provisions.

10. The seller is authorized to, without prior notification to contributor:
- to open all packaging and closures and to take those measures which the seller considers useful in connection with the preservation of the item;
- to process (or have processed) goods which could have a favorable effect on the result of the auction;
The costs incurred in connection with access, retention or processing are at the expense of the contributor.

11. The contributor must in principle insure and / or keep insured the imported goods. The seller can, at the express request of the contributor, insure the goods or have them insured for the account of the contributor.

12. Return of goods takes place to the contributor or to a person authorized in writing by the contributor. The seller is entitled to retain the goods until the contributor has fully complied with his payment obligation towards the seller.

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