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An original RCV 120-SP Radio Controlled model plane 4-cycle engine. Boxed with instructions.

Mikroskop C. Reichert Wien in Holztransportkiste mit Okluaren, Alters- und Gebrauchsspuren, 18 x 34 x 11 cm

Mikroskop A. Schellhammer in Transportkiste, Alters- und Gebrauchsspuren, 10 x 27 x 13 cm

Model Planes - an Italian made Super Tigre S3000 RC Radio Controlled model plane engine. Boxed with instructions.

RC Planes - an original SC Super Custom RC Radio Control model plane engine SC180AR. Appearing unused. Boxed.

Two Sets of Black-finish Steel Fire Tools, Pilgrim Home & Hearth, Concord, California, late 20th century. Each set includes tongs, poker, shovel, ...

Four wood Decorations, partly tools and carved. 18/19th Century.

Diecast - a collection of x11 Herpa Wings 1/500 scale boxed diecast model planes. All Boeing 747 examples off various carriers to include United A...

Game.- Fox (George) New Moral & Entertaining Game of the Mansion of Happiness, game with two rows of panels with virtues and vices spiralling arou...

Tile depicting two African American women, 9 3/4" x 7 3/4"

Model Planes - an Italian made Super Tigre S3000 RC Radio Controlled model plane engine. Boxed.

Doctor Who - Sonic Screwdriver - a collection of assorted boxed and unboxed Sonic Screwdriver replicas / toys. Includes: Fourteenth Doctor's Sonic...

Doctor Who - Denys Fisher / Harbert - an original vintage 1970s Denys Fisher (but licensed for the Italian market by Harbert) Fourth Doctor Dr Who...

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Kavalleriesäbel KL 845mm, TL 960mm, stark gekrümmte Klinge mit beidseitigem Hohlschliff, flacher Rücken, volle Wurzel. Eisernes Gefäss, Griffbügel...

Kadetten-Weidmesser, kantonal um 1837 KL 440mm, TL 560mm, massiver Messinggriff, kölbchenförmige Parierstange, Klinge volle Wurzel, einschneidig m...


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